Friday, 3 December 2010

Glamming it up: Party Frocks Part Trois

I simply can't believe it's Friday already, I have no idea where the rest of the weeks gone! Last night I witnessed my first Greek pre-wedding tradition where the couple's female friends decorate the bed with new white wedding linen and flowers, then the groom comes in and says he's not impressed and rips off the sheets so you have to make the bed up at least 3 times before he's satisfied! Afterward, great, big wadges of cash and gifts are thrown on the bed to wish the couple good luck and fortune. Lastly young children jump on the bed to bestow its sleepers with fertility, totally banana's eh?

So yup, off to my final wedding of the year tomorrow! Can't wait! I just need to decide what to wear!

For those of you who asked about great bookmarking sites, check out Delicious which I commented about on previous post comments. It's seriously genius as you can log in anywhere in the world and have all your fave reads... I just have far too many, but at least I get to share these with my friends/family!

Ok, moving on...

There is literally a plethora of choices out there for dressing up this Christmas, so here's part 3 of my Frock fashion fixes, from bank friendly budgets to get all the plastics out budget! (Delivery for most are international)

One final thing I almost forgot to mention is the uber talented and gorgeous blogger Kristy of Vogue Gone Rogue. Who knew that she has black belt skills in film editing, directing & photography, writing and blogging? Yup, she's made it to the finalists of the Sunglass Hut contest and is now 'blogging off'... I hope you'll have some time to check her out here and support her!

Goddess, no?

Have an amazing weekend angels!
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