Wednesday, 22 December 2010

TEAM KRISTY: Sunglass Hut Full time Fabulous Blogger

Hello lovelies! Calling all fashion bunnies, style & photography lovers around the world, today is #Team Kristy day!


You all know I have a lot of love for fashion, food, photography and Bloggers right?! Well, today, I'd like to dedicate this post to one rather talented & beautiful blogger who I think deserves to win the Sunglass Hut Full Time Blogger! To find out why, please read on...

Sunglass Hut, Please make KRISTY your full time fabulous blogger!

  • She has incredible, ninja style photo-editing skills. When I first stopped by Kristy's blog - Vogue Gone Rogue I thought she'd posted an high end fashion editorial from a magazine, little did I know that it was Kristy's own photography. I was completely blown away!
  • She is an excellent videographer, blogger, and writer. I just kept going back to Kristy blog for more! I'm not sure how she does it (videos, music, photography, writing, travelling, styling), but it seems that her articulate knowledge and skill sets are clearly very distinguished.
  • This girl has style, a unique and very personal style, which I love and many can identify with or be inspired by.
  • She's brilliant at Blogger interaction, a big must - when developing a blogging community/relationship! You write - Kristy replies. Easy.
  • Give the girl a pair of sunglasses and she'll rock them! Heck, she'll rock anything cos she's gorgeous that one! Oh, and she's pretty extraordinary too, that's why she'd be a great spokes-model for the company

I know that i'm not the only only one in Blogopshere who thinks she should win too. She'll walk away with the most amazing prize if she wins this job, or what I call the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • $100,000 compensation for one’s years work as an independent contractor.
  • A fully-furnished apartment in Manhattan
  • $1,000/month styling allowance
  • VIP passes to fashion shows in NYC, Milan, Paris and more

  • So...

    Let's help her get there luvvies & make that dream of hers come true!

    I would absolutely love it, if you could all
    devote a little time to checking out her fabulous blog, vote (click on the stars to rate), comment and show your support for a talented young lady! You know you'll be missing out on a good thing if you don't!

    Since everyone is sharing the love and support for Kristy, I will mention that B, of Beautifully Invisible has blogged one of the most hilarious and brilliant posts today for #TEAM KRISTY! Check it out here.

    A huge thank you to Vahni of Grit & Glamour for putting this in motion! Hugs to ya girl!
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