Sunday, 1 July 2012

New month, new hair... Just how short?

Happy July to you loves! So how's the weekend going so far? 

Ok, I've finally given in to submitting some kind of photographic evidence that my hair has been cut short, above: the sleek and chic version and below, a slightly messier look (- I'm not wearing any make up so yes, there is censorship just in case I frighten you poor loves into shockosphere). Know what? A new hair cut is quite liberating & also it feels really good knowing that my hair - a whole stonking  14" has been donated to the Little Princess Trust, which they'll be using to make into a wig. My genius of a hairdresser Nick, left a few pieces at the front (the long piece so he could play with that later), pulled two ponytails, one on the top half of head and another bottom half - cutting that piece first to determine length (and just how short I was prepared to go) then the top half piece where he was able to go shorter - old snaps of hair here. I did have images with me (along with an addressed envelope/elastic bands/tissue paper to wrap hair in) but since Nick (Harringtons) has been cutting my hair for well over a decade, I thought I'd let him work his magic. Et Voila!
I'm loving the versatility of this cut and although the short length has taken some getting used to I know it'll take no time to grow out, especially in this heat. With a little salt spray or texturising wax/gum the messy look can be achieved in no time at all, which is great for someone who is relatively low-maintenance. What do you think? Would any of you ever go for a dramatic chop?

Welcoming the new month with these words...

 image via here edited with Abes quote.

This shot of Angkor Wat was taken many moons ago... words borrowed with some additional bits from moi!

Kalo Mina & have a wonderfully wow July loves!

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