Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Hello loves! Hope you're all having a terrific week! Halfway there and not long til the weekend!

So who's that girl above? She doesn't look anything like her character in Gossip girl, that's for sure! This has to be Leighton Meester's most daring editorial shoot ever for Flaunt Magazine and she looks like she's having fun with it! I barely recognise her with her wig & especially when flanked by semi-naked hot men! For the entire editorial, please check it out here.

See: If you haven't seen it already Skyfall is a must and another must-see on my list is Silver Lining's Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I've just heard too many darn good things about this film and can't believe I haven't had my hit of Mr. Cooper yet.

Read: Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson. I bought this for my BFF after reading reviews on amazon and she recently lent it to me... all I can say is i'm a third of a way through it & it is just soooo good! If you love a good thriller, this is it! Here's the back snippet:

"Memories define us.

So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep?

Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love - all forgotten overnight.

And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.

Welcome to Christine's life."

Shop: SuiteBlanco aka Blanco. This Spanish brand is slowly taking the world by storm. Currently, there are stores across 15 countries, (they had better make a start in UK & USA) but their online shop sells pretty much all the key pieces you'll want at bargainous prices.

Blanco reminds me of Zara, but definitely for a slightly younger clientele, with beautiful design at great prices. You can't really argue with that. In Greece, this brand is definitely a close contender to major high street brands.

I'm loving their Night Collection, especially this sheer chain shirt below  - €25.99 & stunning bling!
 Their Fall collection is just as yummy! Me wants it all!!!
Make/Craftista: X-mas is coming!!! Eeek! I just love a pretty centerpiece, and a collection and mixture of baubles is not only easy, it's an eye-catching & beautiful presentation to make in no time.
I love all these chain and woven thread necklaces and when I spotted this DIY post from Honestly WTF featuring Stripes and Sequins, I knew this would also make a fab little X-mas pressie for friends.
A rather large majority of my friends have just had babies this year and so I thought I'd customise some fun babygro's for their little ones! If you're a fan of apple products, like some of my friends are, you'll love this.
Here's one I made on the weekend using T-shirt transfers - I used HP Iron-on T-shirt transfers - you can buy these at your local photography store, Jessops, or most stationary stores. I printed my template out (refer to link below) on an inkjet printer, which is in reverse, cut out around the apple logo and separately around the wording and place strategically across the babygro or t-shirt. Iron the transfer on and wait 5 minutes for it to cool down before using a pair of tweezers to peel it off. Et voila!
If you wish to make you own, you can download my pre-made template for both iPoop & iPeed here for FREE.

Finally... I've mentioned a few times that I feel super blessed at the moment & also pretty much grateful for everything in my life... here's why!

Yay!!! Mr. Perseus and I are expecting our first little one, we are both ridiculously loca loca ecstatic at the moment and words cannot express how happy we are at the moment. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I've had a rather traumatic couple of years, hence the special blessing!

I hope you're all having a super week, thanks for stopping by and your continuous support!
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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hey lovelies! How's your weekend going? 

Gosh, it's been a while, but really, I've been dying to share part two of "I want this Job" Footwear Buyer for Topshop, since Jo has moved onwards & upwards and I wanted to follow up on what she's up to now. If you missed part one, check it out here first. You'll find that Jo spills the beans on what it's like to have a career in Fashion Buying along with a sneak peak into what it's like working for another amazing British High Street brand.
Where do you work?  Whistles, London
Job title: Buyer - Shoes and Accessories
Ba Hons Fashion, BAA (Buyers Admin Assistant) at BHS 2000-2002, AB (Assistant Buyer) at Dolcis 2002-2003, AB at TOPSHOP 2003-2006, JB (Junior Buyer) 2006-2008, Buyer 2008-2010, Designer and Sales 2010-2012, Established Buyer 2012.
What does the job involve? 
Responsible for building a balanced range in terms of price points, end-use, mix of casual/dressy and core range/top store. (imagine a pyramid - the bottom tier is the core/main range - the top being the design/top store pieces -smaller buy) We work on 3 hits per season - phase one, phase two and high summer or Xmas and it is bought as a collection so everything ties in together in terms of the colour palette, trims, prints, silhouettes and details creating a considered, confident and cohesive collection. 
This is put together working closely with the designer and the merchandiser, looking at past best and worst sellers and new emerging trends. Finally when all the samples are back, the range plan is worked out with the merchandiser and presented and signed off with the management team.
  via Google images

What's your general day to day working pattern like? 
Monday is always the busiest. We go through all the sales and figures from the week before and forecast the sales for the following week. (This is a huge wadge of paper with all the styles etc which all Buyers have to go through to check the sales figures/how fast/slow something is selling, I remember the first time I saw one of these and was incredibly overwhelmed) We analyse each style in terms of sales and react accordingly. If something is selling well we will look to repeat it quickly or move it on with something newer that might take those sales as long as it fits with the on-coming trends and collection in store. 
If something has reacted poorly whether its a style, colour or trend, we try to amend and adjust any orders placed that are similar and pose a threat to our sales, The rest of the week is spent working with the team (design, merchandiser, Assistant Buyer and BAA).... 
Chasing samples and re-working them, fitting and confirming black seal samples, confirming production samples, chasing delivery dates, placing orders, negotiating prices, meeting with suppliers, strategising the on-coming season, trend research (using blogs, magazines, websites such as net a porter and We also try and get out to shops as much as we can to look at what the competition are doing and look for new ideas from aspirational brands and vintage stores.

 via Google images
Working hours? 
9am until 6pm but sometimes work late and when we're travelling the hours can be long!
Travel: Buying trips? What trade shows do you attend, trips abroad etc?  

Lineappelle leather fair in Bolognia, Premiere Classe in Paris, Micam shoe trade fair in Milan. Shops - Paris, New York, Milan, LA, HK.....Factory visits in Brazil, China, Spain, Portugal and India. There's a lot travel involved but you generally have someone to share it with!
What do you love about this job? Any extra perks? 
The beautiful product, the buzz, the lovely, creative and passionate team.  
Our inspiring visionary, CEO Jane Shepherson. We also have amazing sample sales where we can buy something that's not in store yet for a tenth of the price and all proceeds go to charity.

 Remi Chain Necklace £65 - I just adore this so much!

What's not so great about this job? 
Not sure - its all great at the moment! Sales are good, but when sales are down its tough - as with any business - and requires some quick thinking, strategic planning and some risk-taking!
How different is this role compared to your Buying role at Topshop? 
The customer is more mature with a higher disposable income so she comes into the store looking to invest in an item. She has high expectations in terms of quality and styling and is generally a loyal/frequent shopper so the range planning is really focused around this and the collection is considered, planned and phased throughout the season, rather than a rolling, monthly buying calender that is a lot more reactive to sales and has a large amount of different options.
 Kir Royale Suede Boot £150 here
What you wish you'd known & advice to anyone looking to get into the Buying industry?  
Hard to answer this as every company is different and the buying role can be as creative or as number crunching as you make it. Advice would be for anyone getting into buying to target a brand you are passionate about and identify with. Success can come from having good taste levels and a personal love for the product. You have to be able to juggle alot at the same time and be flexible in the a fast paced environment. Change occurs a lot due to sales reactions, new trends emerging or price/lead times making things unworkable so you have to be adaptable and motivated to move forward constantly and learn from your mistakes.
Everyday essentials:  
Trainers or ballet pumps, 2 blackberries (one work, one personal), Chanel rouge Coco shine lipstick, Chloe love perfume, Mulberry diary and notebook, Benefit hula bronzer, calculator, business cards and my new LULU Frost for Whistles statement diamante necklace (online now!)
You've been a shoe product developer/designer, which celebrity would you love to design a shoe for and why? 

 I love Rita Ora! - maybe I could come up with the ultimate heeled hi-top trainer for her?! ;0)
 via GQ mag
Any style secrets you'd like to share?  
Not sure I withhold any secrets but if you want to be the envy of everyone in your office, lectures or local pub then this seasons varsity jacket from Whistles is a must and you can get your initials sewn on - need I say more?!
As a Buyer, what's your attitude to shopping, seeing as you always work a season ahead? Is it not difficult buying accessories and footwear? Do you prefer to invest in key pieces with longevity? 
It's not difficult but can certainly make a dent in your bank account! Absolutely all about investing in key less and pay more seems to be a growing trend. De clutter your wardrobe and invest in key staple pieces that you'll wear and love for years, Plus you save time in the morning trying to decide what to wear!

 Pure sophistication: Beatrice Box bag £85

 Which beauty product can you not live without? 
Carmex, Bobbi Brown extra eye repair cream and L'Occitane shea butter hand cream  - nothing else will do!

Thank you so so much Jo! I hope you all enjoyed this!
For more fashion careers in the "I want this job" series, please click here.

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Thursday, 22 November 2012


 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Even if you don't celebrate it, there's always a good reason to be thankful. This is for you my friends! Have an amazing day!

 ...and everyday.
 A golden oldie, but I still love it!
via here. 

Huge thank you for everyone who finds the time to stop by, comment or say hello!
Have an amazing Thankgiving those of you celebrating!

other images sources via!
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Monday, 19 November 2012


Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you all had a super weekend!
As it's Monday, I thought I'd leave you with some super chic style from Olivia Palermo, who does fall style effortlessly. You know, just in case you woke up this morning and had an 'I hate everything in my wardrobe' moment.

The Upper East side Socialite has been frequently spotted cleverly layering her favourite wardrobe pieces; shirts and poncho/boxy style jumpers, and an oversized fur gilet thrown over blazers & tweed jackets.
Since we know she always gets photographed styled to perfection (this girl just can't help it), I guess we ought to take note that the key essentials for this Winter's wardrobe is a handful of basics that you can re-work with other items in your wardrobe already finished off with a great bag.

Key OP Winter Pieces: Leather mix jacket, Tweed jacket, leather leggings (by Daryl K), Skinny jeans, Skinny flares, Over the knee boots in leather and suede, Black jumpers (Zadig & Voltaire). This girl has so many bags that I simply cannot keep up!

Love this cape/pocho shaped knitted jumper by Vince, with a shorter sleeve, there's room for layering over shirts or lighter pieces. I got really distracted & started oogling every bit of knitwear on Vince's site... so many gorgeous pieces!
OP at the Milk Studios in Tweed jacket and oversized Gilet and denim kick flares - What's not to love about this outfit. Love the play on textures!
Queen of black with an eclectic twist; leopard lace up booties & gorgeous bag. Adoring this leather contrast jacket.

Undeniably chic and total winner of an outfit. Everything about it rocks! A great coat and bag covers a multitude of sins and  looks great even if what you're wearing underneath is your PJ top! ;)

Hello chunky gold bracelet & khaki skinnies? I've seen you before many times and hello mega shopper! Looks familiar doesn't it??? I'll tell you where it's from if you don't know already. Olivia does highstreet and designer outfit mixes like no other.

Ok, I pulled some simple pieces off a few sites, paying homage to Miss Palermo - these are truly bargainous of course!
Buy it here.

Buy it Topshop pair here, River Island here & MMM pair here.

You can get some really fantastic faux leather leggings and trousers at the moment, the Maison Martin Margiela at H& M pair are a real leather though. As much as I'd love to rock a pair, sadly I don't they'd look good on me, oh well a girl can dream!

images of Olivia Palermo via various sources from: here, to Pinterest & Zimbio
You can buy the Zara jumper here & shopper here

If you don't quite fancy the Zara price tag, I found an alternate structured shopper by Boohoo at £25 here. I'm still obsessing over Accessorize's Winter collection of day bags too - all of which don't cost an arm or a leg, via here.

So, how do you feel about your Winter wardrobe pieces now, bet there's a few killer items that you can layer, mix with different textures/print, just remember to get the proportions right. It's all about re-purposing your wardrobe staples loves!

What are your go-to items that you wear and re-wear with different pieces all the time? 

Have a brilliant week! Καλή εβδομάδα!

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Thursday, 15 November 2012


via here

There's something undeniably sexy and beautiful about a female body's back, I love the curve of the spine on an exposed  back, the way the light falls onto the back & the shadows emphasizing the sculpted angles, a toned back, to pretty details on the back of an outfit...

Whilst cleavage and legs are the usual show stoppers on the red carpet or catwalk, I still love a beautiful back.
 via here
 via here
 via here
 via here
I love a black frock with amazing back details.
via different sources on Pinterest & Glamour Magazine.

Hope you're all having a great week so far! Sending you love & sunshine if it's a bit pooey!
p.s Sorry, word verification is switched on temporarily, why are there so many wacky peeps out there???

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Monday, 12 November 2012


Happy Monday loves! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes & love, you guys rock! I had a lovely time, imagine copious amounts of cake & my fave - lemon tartlets and good company, I sure was a happy bunny!

As it's Monday, I thought I may as well kick off the week with a shoe post. Right now, I'm lusting over new it-girl shoe designer, Sophia Websters super fun, playful, bold and colourful designs. She's the hottest new name to rock out such an amazing first collection in New York, that US vogue insisted that they featured her designs before anyone else! Whoa!

If you take a peek at the designs, you may feel or sense some kind of familiarity, which I initially did too. Are these Nicholas Kirkwood designs? No. After finishing her degree at Cordwainers College, Sophia completed an MA at the Royal College of Art before landing a much coveted role with Nicholas for 2 years before launching her own line.
I just love the concept of 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' for her launch at LFW, the S/S13 collection that screams sexy, confident and fun. Inspired by Rio, she say's "Everyone paints their houses in mad bright pastels which inspired the colour palette," she explained. "I spent some time in Rio between factory visits and really loved it there. Even in the parts with the most extreme poverty the people and the landscape is so lively and colourful and I wanted to reflect that in the collection." (via

I could definitely see Sophia teaming up with the likes of Sass & Bide in the future or even Peter Pilotto...
It's true, I'm in love with Sophia's creation, consisting of ruffles, bows, flamboyant prints and heels made with colourful shiny balls, I really wouldn't mind adding these ones (above & below) to my shoe collection, sigh...for now I'll just oogle them at Browns Fashion Net-a-Porter, Colette & Harvey Nichols.
images via, &

Who are you loving shoe wise right now? Please share!

Have a fantastic new week loves!

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Friday, 9 November 2012


A Birthday without cake is a no-no! image via

I am officially one year older today than I was last year, even though I feel like I'm still in my twenties - don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but least I feel pretty great and besides, age doesn't scare me at.all.
When you arrive into your 30's it feels like there's a bit of an expectation of you, that you should be married, have children, own property or at least have a high flying career...
Somehow, although these things are all very important to me, I have learned to let go & realise that things in life do not always go to a certain timeline and that life marches to the beat of your very own drum.
 The fabulous Luis Monteiro's Balloon editorial for Tatler
 via Tim Walker

I'd be the first one to jump around and stomp on the balloons if I were in a room like this!

 via Pinterest

Being a winter baby, as much as I'd love a beach style al fresco lunch or dinner with friends, I'd happily settle for a picnic somewhere with a warm blanket, good wine, good food and great company.

A birthday celebration is not a celebration until you're with friends and family. I'm really looking forward to landing on British soil soon and being hijacked by my friends for some serious good times, hugs & laughter!

There'll be plenty of eating, talking and most likely drinking! Can't wait. (Cue me squealing with excitement!)


So today, I'm going to be celebrating life! I am truly blessed & grateful to have a great family, Mr. Perseus, fab friends (that includes you blogger buds too, y'know?!) and good health.
I have also been blessed with the greatest gift of all, so I'm extremely happy.

Today I want to wish you all a super stylish and sparkly weekend!
lots of love,

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