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Happy Monday Loves! I know, I've kinda been AWOL lately, being a mum is hard work y'know?!

It's that time of the decade again, my drivers license has almost expired and I still have a year or so to go before renewing my passport.

Passport regulations have changed massively since my last one and now you can't even smile or have your chin down or face slightly tilted to one side (your best profile side naturally) - all ingredients which make you look a gazillion times better in your passport photo!

Wishing my photo could be in black and white, this neutral expression from Kate Moss is simply stunning! Via here

Yup, I did a practise run, having to stare straight ahead has resulted in me with dead looking eyes, in some I look plain gloomy or evil (hello? Is that Emily Rose from Exorcist staring back at me?) and in other test shots I simply look a little exhausted. Thank God for light reflective concealers! If you're thinking of having your passport sized photos taken, I would keep these things in mind:

Clothing: Avoid wearing green or red, instead wear a v-neck shaped top in darker colours which are more flattering have a better contrast, and whatever you do, don't wear white! If you're going to wear jewellery, keep it simple and on the discreet side.

Hair: Wear your hair down. Don't go loca loca with styling or wacky hair colour, this photo has to last 10 years! Brush/comb your hair and use a serum for stray hairs and smooth shiny locks.

The many faces of Rachel Bilson via the fantastic photographer Yu Tsai - who captures celebrity 'Expressions'. - How super fun?!

Make up: Wear neutral shades as much as possible, as bright colours will only look garish. I'd try contouring your face for a perfect base highlighting your features, accentuating your eyes but don't go too crazy with the eye liner, wear mascara for lengthening your lashes, groom your brows (fill them in) and make sure they've been plucked & shaped to perfection.  As for lips, don't apply too much lip gloss or wear anything too shiny. Opt for a little colour instead- I went for something with a slight berry shade. Almost ready? Time to get rid of any shine, especially on the T-zone - powder up loves!

Glamour Magazine's feature on '10 make-up tricks that make you look spectacular in photos' is a fun read!

Kate Middleton looks super perfect in her headshot for her Olympic pass via here

Taking the shot! (Please make sure you follow the rules & remove your glasses if you wear them!

Think a happy or even funny thought, it makes your eyes more kinder looking and you're less likely to end up with a gloomy mug shot. Believe it or not your eyes give a lot away, so smile with your eyes and look confident.

Position yourself against a plain cream or light grey background where the light is facing you, so that you don't have any distracting shadows. You can always try and hold a large white poster sized card/foam card (aka fill card) or a reflector underneath/in front of you, tilted upwards at a slight angle & towards you so the light fills the shadows under your neck and the area around your eyes.

Look straight ahead, mouth closed when taking the shot and don't slouch your shoulders please!
Get someone to take lots of shots and select the best one! You can use a service like Picture Lizard to print your photos and have them cut to size too.

Wouldn't it be fun to have some crazier shots like this taken though?

Elle Fannings 'Expressions' by Yu Tsai

Have a super week loves! 
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