Monday, 31 May 2010

Socialite Chic: Olivia Palermo

I have long admired this young Park Avenue Princess' style before she graced us with her presence on MTV's 'The City'. Despite being called atrocious things, having a so-called (really bad) reputation, poor work ethics and being a wee bit on the whisper-thin side, this girl knows how to work It-Girl Chic.

Her wardrobe may be littered with designer dash but that doesn't stop the New York's budding style icon from picking up key pieces from high street brands such as Zara, American Apparel, Aldo, Kurt Geiger & Topshop.

I'm amazed at how incredibly & impeccably sophisticated she dresses for someone so young, (she is a socialite after I wouldn't really expect anything less) but it's cool that she mixes this grown up elegance with a bit of a downtown edge.
I suppose anyone growing up on the 'New York state of mind' diet can only exude confidence, look strikingly polished & groomed, with not a hair out of place.

Olivia's Key wardrobe pieces:
  • Jewelled or sequin jackets (Do I spot Zara here?)
  • Blazers - all kinds
  • Khaki military jacket
  • LBD's galore
  • Sky scraper heels (favouring YSL Tribute)/shoe boots/metallic brogues (-Sergio Rossi)
  • Leather pull on leggings (Daryl K) & the shiny Nylon American Apparel style
  • Silk harem style trousers (Zara)
  • Cute Shorts
  • Vintage finds
  • Bold accessories/chunky necklaces/large cocktail ring, belts cinched at the waist
  • Oversized bag (Birkin)/Clutch
  • Colours: Nude tones, pops of yellow, monochrome & grey
Somehow, I can't help but think that she reminds me a little of Blair Waldorf's character in Gossip Girls in the first two pictures above...

I do wonder though, had she not had the privileged upbringing and not lived in New York, would her style be more playful and fun? What would she do on a different kinda budget? Imagine...

images via: Hot Cake Fashion, Elle UK, Olivia Palermo fashion,

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ridiculous or not?

I've been a bit distracted & distant (from my laptop) this weekend, my poor little car & I took a real beating with some nut job going into the back of me... at least I came out ok.

The only thing that's made me chuckle (other than my man) is reading about Brad Pitt going for Presidency! Yup, that's right, the idea is that he's going to run for Senate and if the outcomes good, we might be looking at Mr. Pitt as the new President in 2016! Crazy stuff eh?!

Aaalrighty then... perhaps he could shave the beardy first.

Source: Daily Mail
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Friday Giveaway!!!

Some of you may know i have a thing for Bib style necklaces... or Necklaces that are bit OTT and chunky.

Anyhow, I'm hosting my very 1st giveaway ever to say thanks for stopping by and checking me out. I know it's a little on the small side, but I really don't know how this is going to go down!
I'm keeping this easy - so all you have to do is leave a little comment on how you store/organize your necklaces/jewellery below to participate.

The competition ends next Friday 4th June at 11.30pm (GMT+2), so do share with friends & bloggers alike! The winner will be announced on Saturday mornin'! Yippee!

Have a fantabulous weekend darlings!
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Hotness! Miranda Kerr for US Elle June '10

This is the hotness that is Miranda Kerr, better known as the Victoria Secret's model and Orlando Bloom's other half... I think she looks great & totally smoking hot and rather fierce looking in this glamorous shoot. Definitely my editorial face du jour for now.

She's part of the new breed of supermodels that exist today. Let's face it who would you rather see showing off designer clothes - A-list (Hollywood) celeb or a real model, who clearly knows how to work it in front of a camera and doesn't require so much Photo-Shopping after-wards? The work, after all is always so much easier (usually less demands and re-shoots) and quicker especially when it comes to editing a shoot with a professional model. I'm not against celebs (who are powerful tools in itself) gracing the covers of fashion magazines or anything (I heart Kate Bosworth, who seems to be more of a model than actor these days), I'm just a tad weeny bit sick of seeing them Everywhere.

Throw on an over-sized white shirt, cinched at the waist with a belt - she looks effortlessly gorgeous, no?

Awesome shoot, photographed by Mariano Vivanco for US Elle & Styled by Samuel Francois
Make up by Francelle Daly - National MUA for Nars
Hair by Franco Gobbi

images via Fashion gone Rogue
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Big Fat thank you!

The much adored and super brilliant recycling Maddie over at Wardrobe Recycle has graciously honoured me with a blog award. Thanks a million girl!

I am flabbergasted, it was a little unexpected to say the least... why? Well, I didn't think many people read what gets emptied out of my pretty, little head sporadically to be honest.

I never intended this blog to be fashion related (-
I'm sure you won't want to see any sucky images of me in outfits, besides there are lots of you lovelies, who are doing a beauty of a job already), hence you will see some randomness and a whole lotta lurve for stuff... I just gotta share it with y'all.

Thank you readers (however frequent or random you may be) for checking out what I digress & ramble on about and your lovely comments, which make me smile. Settling into a new country or any country is hard enough, but one where the lingo is completely different is certainly no easy feat.

I wanted to know everything; where all the cool, unique shops were (i'm sure there are a few secret places I still don't know about yet), fab events, how to get from A to B, where I could go for a run other than the gym (- not on the roads/pavements here - too scary!), great places to visit... Anyhow, I am getting there! I still miss home though but the new life I have here is awesome and is constantly filled with interesting experiences.

image via Vogue, UK

I mean, once when I was ordering at a restaurant, I asked for 'A salad of boys', what I really meant was a cucumber salad... yikes! Should have seen the look on my mans face and the waiters! Hilarious, but aghori (boy) & aguri (cucumber) sound pretty similar when said, no?- Ok, Ok, maybe my pronunciation was awful but I had just only moved here!

US VOGUE 05 - Steven Meisel

I'm forever grateful for the Greek fashionista/beauty Bloggers out there who inspire me daily and give me a sense of familiarity with Athens - it's like reading
Time Out & Grazia sometimes but better and more well informed. You are my salvation girls!

I have a lot of fabulous people on my blog roll, which i like to dip into for bites of inspiration, but these luvvies deserve to be mentioned for being just awesome in every way:
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SATC 2 World Premier: What they wore

Last night the cast of Sex and The City 2 rocked the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall for the World Premiere. Check out what the fabulous four wore! They all look amazing, wish I could borrow this wardrobe for a special event!

SJP in a Lemon Valentino Couture dress & Kristin Davis (who never seems to age) looked stunning in a vintage number.

Kim Cattrall was all sparkles in a gold Naeem Khan dress & Cynthia Nixon oozed glamour in a black Carolina Herrera number

Whitney Port paid tribute to Carrie's high bun hair do and prom dress

Jessica Szohr (of Gossip Girl) rocked an interesting ensemble... what do you think?
Jennifer Love Hewitt in a gorgeous Herve Leger bandage dress

I won't even begin to explain what Liza Minnelli wore, but it was questionable... click on the Daily Mail Link below if you must!

images via Daily Mail & Ace Showbiz
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Countdown to Sex & The City 2 and Carrie's Outfits

OMGG, the wait is almost over. SATC 2 is coming to your screens in a mere week! Yippeeee!!!

You'll have to forgive my over-excitedness for a bit. I don't usually get overly giddy over new flicks, but this is 'Sex and the City', a show which had me hooked from the word, go. I know some men and some women don't particularly like this show (or SJP for that matter, why? Only kidding, I've had a long list of things thrown at me before)... but hey the fashion is inspirational, no? For one thing, I do hope that this sequel really is as good as the hype... it seemed a bit far fetched that they've gone to Morocco (what's wrong with NYC?) but i'm sure there's a worthy explanation in the script.... I cannot wait. Ooooh, let's not forget the insane amount of dollar worthy fashion involved too, $10 mill - that's gotta be something!

As I'm on the subject of SATC, I dug out this fabulous coffee table number (don't you just love the mock croc cover?) given to me by a dear friend (she later bought me the entire DVD box set for my big b'day -love her!). If you're also a fan of the movie, this book is brilliant and covers everything about the SATC show, interviews, behind the scenes shots, info on how it all started to real life stories which inspired the show and of course who is behind the crazy outfits worn in the show. So here's a little peek guys...

Wardrobe breakdown of each of the fabulous foursome

Below: The cute pink Loubs she wore in the finale of S4 - just as Miranda gave birth and her water broke over them...and the Anna Molinari dress - lush!

I love Carries high bun - she knows how to work it! OTT is so Carrie - especially the pearl overload power!

Carrie's outfits from the 1st movie below - which of these are your favourite looks?

When the first flick came out, I went with all my girls back at home to watch this... we laughed (when Charlotte 'Poo kippsied'...), almost cried (won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet) and had a great time.

Will anyone be going to the Fashion Party at the Mall (Village all day bar) on Wednesday evening for the launch as mentioned by Skinny & Flavoured here? Hopefully, the sequel is going to be awesome!

To get your copy of this 'Kiss & Tell' book try Amazon.

For a full run down of the SATC 2 Movie click here, The Daily Mail have done a great round up of characters, fashion & plot line....

images via: Village Cinemas GR, Fab Sugar, Sex & The City Book.

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Friday, 21 May 2010

Photography love: A Rare Beauty

Isn't she just such a beautiful creature? This is Irina Funtikova, shot by Rayan Ayash.

Had you noticed the no-eyebrow thing (in this photoshoot) before i'd mentioned it? Anyhow, she's a flawless gem.

image & photoshoot via here.
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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kate Moss launches Topshop SS10 collection

The legendary supermodel revealed her new collection for Topshop last night with these stunning summery, soft images taken by Nick Knight (ps. I've loved his work since I bought my first copy of Elle). It looks like she's radiating from a big dollop of sunlight...(To recreate this look you'll need a mega massive Softbox - very bright back lighting and stand v. close against it - the closer you are, the softer the lighting plus glow effect, oh and of course the genius that is Photoshop).

I particularly like this leaf print dress, no doubt it'll be a bestseller, like most of Moss' dresses. The collection really epitomizes Kate's style, with silk boyfriend blazers, cute playsuits (some with a sexy edge), playful floral tea dresses, silk embroidered capes, a feather cape, delicate beading,lots of focus on floaty maxi dresses (Phillip Greene knows this is where the money's at, esp. with prices starting from £120), cute blouses, lace, velvet, suede and of course, denim.

From top left:
Silk Embroidered Cape £120
Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress £150
Grey silk open back playsuit £80

images via: Topshop - to see the whole collection click here
Daily Mail
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Confessions of an anonymous fashionista

If you've been reading the Daily Mail, for like, ever, you will have noticed the excellent series of articles titled 'Confessions of a Fashionista'. I usually skip through the fluff and what Liz Jones has to say about fashion, but this anonymous writer (or perhaps it's more than just one? This years' articles reveal that she is working as an Agent for Hairdressers, Stylists, MUA's) has me in stitches (not all the time, it really isn't funny to laugh at the expense of others misfortunes) with her behind-the-fashion-scenes stories.

From Fashion Monkeys (working for Devil Wears Prada types) to Cake sniffers these articles are frank,
Exposé's peppered with tiny weeny bits of sugared exaggeration on top. Ok, I would probably say that some of the OTT'ness is for real though. (Note that these articles aren't supposed to be taken too seriously though).

One of my favourite's from last year, was whilst anonymous was moonlighting behind the scenes of a model agency, Confessing about Cake sniffers and another article about an experience with the Real Miranda Priestly or AKA Cruella de Stylist.

Here's a tight, de-caloried snippet from the article found here.

"Just as a mere taster of how severe the situation in the model world is, I have two words for you: Cake Sniffers.

For the past eight years I have had to endure working in office full of cake sniffers.

You might not have heard of this strange breed before, so let me introduce them.

They are crazy, deluded girls who think it is acceptable to have birthday cake, but calorie kamikaze to eat it.

Popstar Cheryl Cole & Carrot Cake - is she gonna eat it or sniff it?

The other article worth reading over your cup of tea or Fredo Cappucino is the Cruella de Stylist story...wonder who she is, hmmmm?

Whilst i'm on a roll, let's not forget this one, about crazy the fashion industry & how it looks to non-fashion people. Anonymous was sent a comment claiming that what she writes is all a lie...
Years ago I was at a star studded womens launch of a big fashion brand, littered with models, celebs, PR's, Agents, no-one ever really touches the canapes, it was all about liquid dinners... nuts right? My non-fashion BF and I always did the sensible thing and ate though. Hangovers are too just too painful otherwise.

Have any of you had some interesting experiences in your work life? In or out of (the crazy industry that is) Fashion?

Yummy Cupcake images via: Hey there-Cupcake
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Reminiscing: Brad & Angelina for W Mag 2005

Tomb Raider was on TV last night, which reminded of the POWER COUPLE that is 'Brangelina' and these beautiful shots taken by Steven Klein for W mag, July 2005. Yeah i know, i'm like half a decade late posting these but i do love the shots of 'Domesticated Bliss'. Somewhat alluring, no?

images via W Magazine, for full article click here
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