Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Closet Confidential: Stylish Wardrobe Inspiration Part 2

Honestly, I never tire of gawping and swooning over images of other people wardrobes and if I could customize & convert an entire spare room into a walk-in fantasy dress up room to store jewellery, have bags & shoes on display, I would! It would be AMAZERS, know what I mean?!

For now, I'm lucky enough to have space to store most of my stylish junk and my mans wardrobe, so no arguments as to how we share our space, phew-wee!

Whilst some guys would love a walk-in refridgerator stocked full of beer, à la The Heineken TV commercial (- absolutely hilarious if you haven't seen it before), I did find this super luxe, dramatic masculine wardrobe inspiration above!

Now then, onto some serious wardrobe envy! Although I don't really follow the Kardashians and I have absolutely no idea why they're famous other than having a reality TV show, they do seem to have it all, including a super flash walk-in wardrobe. Check it out!

Inside Kourtney's wardrobe

Inside Kim Kardashian's closet

Who knew she used to be a Professional Closet Organizer, say what?! Clever gal converted her guest room into this amazing master closet. Plus, she highly recommends using Real Simple Solutions Slimline flocked hangers, something we don't have over here in the UK/Greece, but i'll take her word for it, her closet looks like a chic boutique!

Kim's closet: Loving a drawer with separated spaces for jewellery, take a look at these beauties!

Khloe Kardashian's wardrobe

Khloe's closet: You know you'd have fun dressing up in here... oooh scented candles, yum!

Khloe seems to have stolen my ideal shoe collection, isn't this just the most crazy-awesome shoe collection ever!

If you missed part one of Stylish Wardrobe Inspiration, check it out here!

images via Esquire & Instyle
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