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Most of us Blogger's are tuned in knee deep in fashion, living it, breathing it, buying it & wearing it! It's crossed my mind that some of you guys may be intrigued as to what it's like to work in the cut-throat industry that is Fashion...and asked questions like "is it really that glamorous, how do i become a stylist, is it really that bitchy or scary???"

Hence, the special series known as "I Want This Job" features was born. I'll be sharing varied jobs and sneak peeks of the lives of those within the Fashion Industry.

All you need to do is click on the corresponding coloured links for the full feature.

First in the series, is super talented Red-Head, Christine Macaulay, who studied Fashion at Manchester University before launching her career as a Designer.

The second "I want this job" feature is going to be an almighty long but jam-packed post about everything you ever wanted to know about Buying! Enjoy!
We all know how fabulous Topshop is, it's the mecca where everyone, from fashionistas, celebs to teens & mums alike go to get their fashion fix without breaking the bank.

One of my oldest gal pals, Jo whom i've known since our days studying for our Fashion Degree has a job to die for! Shoes, lots of beautiful shoes get dumped on her desk, like everyday! Lucky her for Buying Shoes. I've also added some additional bits in black - stuff like buying speak really.
*** After 8 years of working for such an amazing Fashion retailer, Jo has now moved on and is now designing shoes for various fashion retailers and working with a top supplier! ***

I love beauty and am a major sucker for products... One of the magazines i buy consistently here in Greece is Madame Figaro, whose glorious glossy pages, dreamy fashion & stunning beauty pages always give me a fully satisfied feeling. i'd like to introduce Thalia Kechri of Madame Figaro, who is gave us a frank & honest sneak peek into being a Beauty Editor

Shop windows are the very thing that entices you into walking through the door & making a purchase. Whilst attractive displays provide a very enjoyable retail experience... Remember Charlotte in SATC getting totally sucked in by the shoes on display & the weird shoe assistant???

Anyhow, I'd love to introduce you to someone of exceptional talent in Visual Merchandising; Jason Traves, whom I've been lucky to work with (although in a totally different dept.) in my previous life. 

I've got one fabulous Fashion Stylist who's going to give you the low-down on her job! I'm sure you're all familiar with Glamour magazine, famed for it's Style 'Do's & Don'ts', the fantastic 'Fast Fashion' pages to 'Beauty Get the Look' pages.

I am beyond excited about this installment of "I want this Job", why? Well, basically this is one of the professions I would have loved to have done, had I not been in Fashion. Introducing the mega talented and brilliant make up artist extraordinaire & Ambassador of Max Factor Greece - Yiannis Marketakis.

Ok, so this one is not exactly related but if you've ever wanted to know about Vintage and having your own online boutique, Shareen of Vintage Mavens is your girl! Here's my interview with the gorgeous girl.

Yes, it sounds as much fun as the job title really is! One of my fave inspirational Bloggers, Dawn of The Alternative Wife gives us the low-down on what her job along with some beauty inudustry insider info here. Oh, I so wanna swap lives with this New Yorker!


When I was a kid, I thought I'd grow up to become a fashion designer... I grew up with the the influences of Alaia and Galliano, two of my all-time favourite designers in the world. I think some us can only dream of working with one of the biggest Luxe labels in the world or perhaps become a fashion designer.
Let me introduce you to Tanya, who is one of those lucky ladies! She works for a Luxe brand in London (who is also a major contender at Fashion Week) as a Senior Womenswear Designer.
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