Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stylish Wardrobe inspiration

Over at Deliciously Organized, Carlee posted some inspirational images on closet spaces, mine however, is Closet Hell at the moment. Having recently returned from London with a case & holdall chock full of new wearable items, i have to say, the wardrobe is going to explode soon. Now that summer is in full swing, i've taken a good look to see what's going on in there & have also dug out my summery pieces that i've stashed away during the winter months.

I love that feeling of finding something that you've completely forgotten about,
be it that dress you wore on your first date, a great maxi, cute pair of shorts (which make your bum look good!), it's like Christmas all over again!
Anyhow, I also realise that now is the time to attack whilst the problem (a near bursting wardrobe) isn't quite the monster that it could be, so a de-cluttering will be well on it way this weekend i should imagine.

I hope these images of chic wardrobes inspire! I personally want them all!

Nicky Hilton's chic closet

Eva Longoria Parker shows off her well organised wardrobe space

I wouldn't mind a large mirror, dresser, wall-space to hang necklaces and corker of a chandelier in mine

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