Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Well hello there...

A big hello to you guys! I hope all of you have had a terrific start to the new year. For some, this is definitely true as the gorgeous Kristy Elena of Vogue Gone Rogue has gone on to WIN the Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous blogging contest! Check her out here!

So, I've kinda been m.i.a of late...huge slap on the wrist for moi, don't worry I haven't totally lost the plot!

image via Sophia Eriksen photography (edited)

I've been focused on a few other things recently


In the past 48 hours i've had a few crazy things happen, from people trying to get a hold of me for the 1st ever Fashion Business Forum in Athens, Greece to lots of e-mails back and forth amongst other things! I had wanted to go in the first place mainly because one of my fashion hero/legends Colin McDowell (legendary fashion writer with a killer sense of humour!) was going to be speaking and i'd read about this event via some of the other blogger's posts, except tickets were at a stonking price!

Long story short, I was kindly invited to attend this event along with 15 other Greek fashion Bloggers by a relatively new online e-shop called
Buldoza.gr - so a huge, gigantic, big fat Greek style THANKS to them. BUT they had no way of contacting me as I remain pretty anonymous in my blog. Ok, that has kinda change now, since I have now installed a contact me bit! I was then hunted down by the lovely Pinelopi of Fashion Architect & Katerina of Fashion Algorithms, who have been angels in helping me liaise with the CEO of Buldoza.gr.

The gorgeous Greek Fashion bloggers! Good meeting you luvvues!

So what if I had to pay? By 9:30pm on Sunday I made a decision to go anyway in hope that tickets were definitely on sale, cancel my next day's bits and bobs and make the most of an exciting opportunity to meet the Greek fashion Bloggers, enjoy a great talk by Mr. Fashion and just see what's going on in the fashion industry here. (Post excellently, summed up by Katerina here) Without the help of Panayiotis of Buldoza.gr & Pinelopi, I probably wouldn't have gone or had to part with 'My dream camera budget' savings, so thanks for making it happen guys!

images via here & here.
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