Saturday, 19 March 2011

Kate Mouse: Simeon Farrar for Japan

Yup, you can do your thing for Japan and donate £20 (or much, much more!) to Save the Children by the end of March and receive this fabulous T-shirt by extraordinary talent, Simeon Farrar originally retailing at £90. Forward your email receipt to, along with your address and t-shirt size (available in S,M,L) and they'll pop one in the post to you for FREE as a thank you for your charity. Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy.

UPDATE 21st March:
I know some of you have enquired as to whether these awesome Tee's will be delivered outside the UK. Well, bless my old acquaintance, no really, he's such a lovely guy, so much so that he's footing the posting bill for the charitable t-shirt donations and since there's been quite a crazy demand (it is a pretty unique design, no?), deliveries outside the UK are currently limited.... BUT if any of you would absolutely like to get your mitts on a Kate Mouse tee and are based outside the UK, please let me know by e-mail (before end of March) and I would be happy to work something out with you.

Seriously Mah-jor!

It's only just dawned on me who this artist/designer actually is, after reading about his very cool 'models-gone-wild' collection which see's supermodel faces transformed into their alter animal egos!

Anyhow, hold the phone! What's an old acquaintance doing fashion stuff? When I knew this guy way back when, I remembered him as such a brilliantly talented painter and artist, but fashion? WOW, i'm impressed. I look forward to much more from this booming talent! For now if you're anywhere near Liberty's you can find more Simeon Farrar goodness here.
For stockists around the globe lease click here, it's quite an extensive list - USA, Europe, Japan, Greece....

images via Simeon Farrar
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