Friday, 24 May 2013


Whilst I look outside the window, all I see is grey and gloom, but these little beauties have lifted my spirit - well... that and some oogling at vacation/beach spots on Pinterest! 
I really cannot wait for the UK to have a long spell of sunshine and warmth and even though I might not be able to strut about in shorts for a while, I thought I'd share some super cool craftista action in this ever popular summer crochet/lace shorts tutorial below. But if you can't be bothered, you can always pick up a lovely pair on the high street.

Get crafty loves and make your own lace shorts!
DIY Gorgeous shorts via here

Looks easy enough, strips of beautiful lace - mark out how many layers you're going to need and if you have enough lace, fabric glue (although I would also hand-stitch the panels on just in case-top edge only!) and a pair of jersey shorts/hotpants.

Lusting after these...

1. Denim shorts with crochet inset via Zara TRF £22.99
2. DSquared Denim & lace shorts via Farfetch £357
3. Did you cut your denim shorts too short? Butt overhang is not a good look. Anyhoos, have no    
    fear, you can always rectify by sewing in larger lace/broderie insert pieces. Image via here
4. Limited collection Pure Cotton Crochet shorts by M&S £29.50 - also available in cream
5. Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Lace shorts £124.95 via Farfetch
6. Parisian cream layered crochet shorts by New Look £19.99

Yay for the long weekend! I hope your weekend sparkles and shines. Have fun lovelies!
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


 via Pinterest
I've never really been the extreme body conscious type, but at 39 weeks I have already started thinking about what my post partum body will look like as there will be some major changes, especially after the miracle of bringing new life into this world. I'm not expecting to bounce back any time soon and since I'm no longer in my twenties, so it could take a while!
Anyway that's fine by me, I'd rather be spending time cuddling up to my wee one regardless of the medias constant articles about celebs snapping back into shape 4 weeks after giving birth - yeah whatever! Besides I'll probably be delirious from sleep deprivation to be functioning properly or worrying about what I look like!

With summer around the corner, I suppose we could all use a little help in the toning and firming up department hence my interest in Firming/toning moisturisers. But do they work? Hmmm, dunno yet, but having had a recce online and reading various reviews, these six are high on my shopping list!
Have you tried any of these and do they work? Or do you have other suggestions? Please share!

1. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion £6.99.            2. Nivea Q10 Rich firming body moisturiser £5.10.     
3. MamaMio Get Waisted Body Shaper £35.        4. Clarins Extra-Firming Body Lotion £40.
5. Soap & Glory Sit Tight Body Serum £16.99.    6. L'Oreal Perfect SLim Gel cream £12

It would be ridiculous to assume that creams, lotions or potions alone will sort your body out, you also need to ensure you're eating healthily (don't even think about immediate postnatal dieting - that is a big no-no!) and doing some gentle exercise, whenever it is safe to. Listen to your doctor, it's usually around 6 weeks post childbirth unless there were complications, but remember that your 'pre-pregnancy hormones, water & blood levels only get back to normal around 12 weeks.'
- Info Source:

Don't underestimate he power of walking. Image via here

I think there's a little self discipline in me to want to get active, fit, strong & energetic and I'm sure long walks combined with breastfeeding (burns calories) & these post pregnancy exercises, my body could bounce back to some sort of normality after 9 months to a year, well here's to hoping anyway!

These exercises were sourced via here

The kegels exercise is kind of a big one, or so I've heard... your pelvic floor muscles might need some help as they weaken after childbirth... great!
Before working on your abs or belly area, do ensure you get the all clear & don't have diastasis recti - separation of the abdominal muscles (my friend has this), it will take time to heal, but the plank is a good one as it works your transverse abdominis muscles.

Ok..., so maybe none of you reading this are pregnant but still want to get inspired & get fit, or want a bikini body... Check out my old post on Procrastinating; Shaping up for summer (inclusive of cleansing, a 10 min Tracy Anderson work out video & these quick work out tips for 'Beach Body Fast' from Marie Claire mag.

Ciao loves,
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Friday, 17 May 2013


Hello loves! Not entirely sure where this week, but it seems to have flown by!
I find myself obsessing a little over everything Cannes right now & although the weather over there is just as rubbish as it over here, I can't help but dream about all things French; the Cote D'azur, clear blue skies, fabulous properties...!
 Chateau in La Colle sur Loup, Cote D'Azur... going for a whopping 12 million euros, any takers?
Ok, maybe not so French, but love the fabulous drop earrings: Opal Galactic Drops by Bauble Bar
In a blingtastic related story there was a jewellery heist in Cannes, thieves stole over a $1 million worth of  Chopard goods! 
 The infamous line from Edith Piafs song, poster via here ( which translates as "I have no regrets."

Fridays wouldn't be fabulous without a little cocktail... If I were still drinking I'd be making this ooh, la-la cocktail named Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail. "Lillet Rose, a fortified-wine blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel, has the aroma of flowers and ripe berries - perfect for a springtime aperitif. Garnishing the drinks with edible flowers is a lovely touch." recipe via Martha Stewart.

Now dears, bon weekend ma cherie! 
Have oodles of fun!

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Monday, 13 May 2013


image via

Summer is just around the corner - or so I keep telling myself! We've had a few spells of constant glorious sunshine, which means gals breaking out their open toe sandals... however with feet being kept well hibernated for the past 8 months (- yes that long!) I have seen more than a fair few 'eewwww' situations... as in crusty heels or funky feet that ruin a beautiful pair of shoes kinda moment.

If you haven't been looking after your precious feet & digits, now is the time to get them back into the program with a DIY Pedicure to get them looking amazeballs and perhaps take a good look at your feet to see if they could use a little more care. What do I mean?
I've seen some women with scary looking bunions (and clearly not done anything about it but carry on wearing sky scraper heels) to nail infections but most commonly I've noticed women with flat feet (without them realising) due to wearing ballet flats with thin soles or from constantly living in UGG boots over the years.
Flats that are easy to bend in half are a dead giveaway for zero support, imagine pounding the pavement in those all the time, there's no shock absorption, so your body/nerves get a bashing every time your heels strike hard ground.

image via here

Flat feet cause all sorts of problems later on, starting with poor posture and knee pain, so maybe invest in some orthotic insoles - there are some great ones via ebay like this pair or Scholl's Orthoheel Sports via amazon here.

Making your tootsies dazzle! Home DIY pedicures may not be as extravagant as having one at the spa or salon, but if you invest some lovely slightly pricier nail polish, it could make all the difference! All you really need are some toenail clippers, a nail file, nail scissors, cuticle stick, bowl, pumice stone or foot file, your own scrub mix, a rich moisturiser, cuticle oil and nail polish.
Here's the low-down to a perfect at-home pedicure via Cosmopolitan magazine here.

Because it's Monday... I'm lusting after these hot heels! Can you guess which pair is not by Zara? Scroll down!

1. Multi coloured lace up sandal £69.99 by Zara 
2. Faux suede ankle strap sandals £17.92  on ebay via here 
3. Ankle strap heels £49.99 by Zara 
4. Strappy leather high heel sandals by Zara £49.99

I've had such a lovely start to the week, with an old friend taking time off work to give me some pamper time before I pop. Unfortunately, there's no point me buying heels right now, as my feet have gone up a size in the past week & since I can barely paint my own toenails, I was treated to a luxe pedicure, yay! Next on my list - hair cut!

Hope you all have a brilliant week filled with sparkles and sunshine!
 ♥Kali evdomada
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Friday, 3 May 2013


Hello lovelies, hope you're all well! Welcome to the new month and it's a long weekend, woohoo!
I think I'll spend it playing catch up (blog reads, mags etc), getting some finishing touches done before Baos arrival (hurry up 28th May) and just stay in bed a bit longer if need be! I am very much nearly there now but could use forty more winks, as bump is significantly bigger and more uncomfortable... my hips are so achy from sleeping on my sides! Plus he's a bit of a wriggler when I'm trying to sleep too!
I've been given some good reads, so might have tuck into one of them. I've already finished Gillian  Flynns Gone Girl which was just brilliant, so much so that Reese Witherspoon is producing it and I think David Fincher is in talks to direct! Eek! So excited, but who do you think should be cast as Amy and Nick???
What are you all reading right now? Anything I ought to add to my list?
I really want to go to the movies, but I think I'd just end up missing half the film by going to the loo half the time! Have you seen Iron Man 3, is it any good? I'm dying to see the Great Gatsby, not long now!!!
On this side of the pond we've been blessed with a little sunshine this week (I really don't need to hear about how amazing el scorchio it is in Greece right now, not fair!) and I hope it stays for the duration of the long weekend. I've already enjoyed one sneaky picnic in the park, but might be in for round two of chilling in the park or perhaps a BBQ! I do love the great outdoors, I just hope my hayfever calms down a wee bit! Puffy eyes and dry, red nose? So not a good look!
A new month, a new me? Hmmm, I could definitely use some pampering me time, I'm thinking new hair cut (nothing drastic, I still want to be able to give myself a Croydon Facelift), a mani-pedi and maybe try out some new eyeshadow for the long awaited Spring/Summer season!
Yowsers, have you seen these? I think this (as in the entire colour range) will be on my lust list! YSL have brought us the new La Laque Couture Tie & Dye topcoats in four shades with three layers; a shimmery frosted bottom layer, translucent colour in the middle and a clear topcoat on top.
These are crazy-awesome multi functional topcoats, you can either shake the bottle to get a subtle lick of colour or apply without shaking for a more graduated effect. I think what's great about this product is that you can also layer it with a more solid nail colour. Oooh j'adore! (Available in Selfridges & Brown Thomas)

What will you be up to this weekend and will you be trying/doing something new?
It's a big weekend in Greece, as Easter will be celebrated, Καλό Πάσχα και Καλή Ανάσταση my friends!
Have a beautiful weekend!

First four images via here &
YSL nail polishes via here
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