Saturday, 20 February 2010

Clogs are back!

Chanel Clogs £850
Holy smokes! Clogs are back with a serious vengeance. I remember the last time they really took centre stage back around 2004 (I wasn't around in the 70's) with a less serious heel but they could either be worn as slingbacks or mules. It was the look at school and only the cool kids bought the more expensive version with chunky heel, studding with adjustable strap. What do you think? Love or hate 'em?
Miu Miu Clogs £285

John Rocha Clogs £450

Hooray for High-street: Jones Bootmaker Clogs £65

The cool cat: Kurt Geiger Clogs £220, these bad boys remind me of how much i'm still drooling over last seasons Prada studded sling back platforms, sigh...
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Front Row fabulousness or not?

Here we have a somewhat normal looking Mena Suvari, but skip to the other days during fashion week and what a hair shocker. Seriously girl, what were you thinking? I don't even want to go into what she's wearing, please ignore the shoes. Mena's usually such a stylish thing and honestly I have no idea what she's going for this week at NYFW, please sack the stylist!

Ratsy Birds nest?

Lovely dress, is that a pineapple spike on her head?

Rachel Zoe, in a sea of black

Good seeing ya Kirsten Dunst. Hope we see more of her this year.

Anna Wintour at Marc Jacobs, in black with super perfect hair.

Images via, nymag, Instyle, Daily Mail and Star Pulse
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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Newsflash: Alexander McQueen found Dead


I'm still glaring at the Newsflash from Drapers, that the quintessential bad ass, bad boy of fashion was found dead in his home today, only days before London Fashion Week commences. It's a sad and tragic loss for the fashion world, as he was definitely one of the most talented designers known for cutting edge fashion, celebrating the hourglass figure and razor sharp tailoring. We all remember the pirate/skull scarf which took off big style on the high street and a show I remember so well is the one where 2 robots spray paint a white frock on legendary Super Model Shalom Harlow on the catwalk and creating a hologram of Kate Moss, only McQueen could be that creative. Mr. McQueen you'll be missed... farewell.

images via Richard Young & you can view the spray painting action here on Youtube

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Hot new things!

From ASOS with love! My fave, the print bandeau dress, a real steal at 45 quid & these 'hardcore' heels below (£80).

Stripe flower dress - £26 & Hardcore heels £80

Lace mono dress - £48

Print bandeau dress by Rare - £45

Wired Ruffle off the shoulder top - £38
all images via

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Seeing a different kinda Posh

I can't actually believe i'm saying this, but being a not so much of a VB fan I caught myself doing a double take on these shots of Posh Spice in Glamour. It's not the usual; pouts, stiff posing, OTT fashion or couture shots she's doing here, we're talking a shoot involving a puppy here (an accident could have happened at any point here!), more relaxed VB 'off duty' style and also a different side to VB. Will the real Victoria please stand up?
Nah, I love this shoot, it's so much fun and she looks bloody good! Love the hair & MU on the cover shot, the whole article can be found here.

Although I can't quite imagine VB getting down on her knees
and doing the housework...

all images via Glamour
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