Friday, 25 January 2013


I can't tell you how many Breton stripes or stripe tops I have because there are That's right, I love stripes, especially monochromatic pieces with dramatic pop.

Whether it's interiors or fashion, stripes never go out of fashion and even a dash of colour can make it all the more interesting.

As it's Friday, I'll leave you with some fabulous Friday monochrome magic.
Striped maxi dress - I still haven't found one that I really like, since the last one I fell in love with sold out in the states in a nanosecond.
 How about chevron stripes? They're super fun and add a lovely twist to the classic stripe.
A black and white striped Tee is the one basic holiday essential. Dress up with a pop of colour, with a statement necklace or keep it simple.
 Oscar De La Renta, I heart you forever and ever. Is this not the most gorgeous gown ever???
Stripe out with these high street pieces, from left-right:

I know some of you are tempted to cry out 'Beetle Juice' 3 x's, but don't do it ok?

Have a smashing weekend!

images via Architectural Digest, Pinterest, Google Images,
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Monday, 21 January 2013


Happy Monday to you all! I trust you've all had a rested weekend. I swear the stars were aligned at one point, because I have been on one very long hunt for some gorgeous eye-wear and fresh focals. Cue the lovely folks at Firmoo who contacted me earlier last year about their range of optical glasses and sunglasses.

I'm pretty sure you've heard about them by now, since a lot of bloggers have been involved in trying out the latest modern frames to dress up their eyes.
Anyhow, I was definitely on board when I heard about their generous offer of free eye-wear for first time buyers here and their fabulous range of optical glasses  - particularly the plastic frames for me!
I'm impressed that the range is constantly updated with new styles, since the popular styles get sold out pretty quickly. I know this purely for the reason that I had initially chosen a stylish frame that was no longer in stock when I inquired about it, however, new styles were added very quickly, enabling me to choose another pair.
These are the little beauties that caught my eye & were delivered in absolutely no time at all!
Just how fun are these? I love the tortoise shell arms! I'm really pleased with Firmoo's service, from ordering the glasses, speedy e-mail communication to receiving great quality optical eyewear! You're also given options as to what type of lenses you require, plus add-ons, so I made sure my lenses came with anti-scratch and also anti-glare coatings.

The website is also very easy navigate and there is also a virtual try-on system, where you can choose your frames and see it on the model image or upload your own photo to see how they will look.
I forgot to mention that they are most definitely bank manager friendly too and in the end you still get a premium quality pair of glasses! Regardless of your style personality, there's a pair for everyone.

Because it's Monday...
Have a super week darlings!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed here are my own. Stylish black and tortoise shell frames courtesy of Firmoo, for more information on how to get your 'Free' Pair, please click here.
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Friday, 18 January 2013


Via Aimee of Song of Style

Welcome to Friday lovelies! Another week flies by and I get some seriously great news! Turns out BFF is also pregnant and about 2 months behind me! How amazing?

You all know how I love statement necklaces like crazy, well I also love delicate, dainty chains in the same base metal layered for everyday wear too. The best thing about layering delicate chains is that you can mix with more dramatic looking ones with different detail, pendant and even texture or wear just two or three delicate strands which will look equally just as striking.
I did a quick recce on Etsy and discovered that I'm am absolutely loving the above via Kei Jewellery, the 24 carat gold arrowhead above is simply fabulous. Also above is the crystal quartz drop 14k gold necklace.
Other faves from Kei Jewellery:
Left: 1. Gold Vermeil Clover necklace, 2. Not on sale 3. Raw Turquoise 14K gold filled necklace.
Centre: 1. Sideways Gold cross necklace. 2.Not on sale 3. Crystal Marquise pendant necklace
Right: 1. Gold hand of Fatima 2. not on sale 3. Gold arrowhead necklace.

Did I mention that you won't break the bank with none of these picks?
I'm also very tempted to shop the entire collection of BK & JIO on Etsy too (above).
From top left:

If you not sure what length necklace chain you're after, this illustrated guide will help!
via Google Images.

No collar should be left unadorned, what's your style?

Happy weekend everyone one, may the super sparkly force be with you!
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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hello loves, how's your week going? 

We’re already halfway through the first month of 2013 but that doesn’t mean bloggers aren’t still in reflective mode: creating resolutions for the coming year and looking to up-coming trends, whilst also looking back on the trends of 2012. There’s also a reflective element in many of the posts this week over blogging and how that might change over the coming year, not just on a personal level but more generally too. There’s also a good dose of travel inspired posts this week for those who are trying to beat the January blues and jet off somewhere sunny. And if you’re not jetting off somewhere away from the cold, make sure to check out the great how to layer below:

Thank you so much for including my link this week! Have a brilliant read!
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Friday, 11 January 2013


Sleeveless blouse in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt with lace in Sulfur print, $29.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings in Dresden blue, $14.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99
Bangles in First Date print/Dresden blue, Calypso coral print/black and Nolita print/Sulfur Spring, $16.99 eac. Miniaudiere clutch in Nolita print, $34.99. Pointy-toe flats in blazing yellow, Nolita print, and black, $29.99 each - pumps of same cols/print available $39.99.

Happy Friday lovelies! It's been a bit of a beautiful and exciting week for me, especially today, as I found out what flavour the little bao (- Chinese bun, and yes that's what I call it) is. So... I'm having a little boy! Yay! We're so so excited and beyond blessed it's crazy.
Anyhoos, back to why I'm awfully excited. It's Friday and it wouldn't be fabulous without the launch of such a stunningly romantic collection from Prabal Gurung for Target next month (just in time for V-day!). It really is eye-wateringly beautiful, maybe it's the colours, the prints or his fierce feminine & edgy cool signature style that's got me lusting after his 'love-themed' collection in a big way or the fact that price-points are everybody friendly.
Ruffle dress in Apple red, $39.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; bangle in Calypso coral, $16.99; crystal stone cutout bangles, $24.99 each; crystal stone ring, $14.99; lace-up pumps in Meet The Parents print, $39.99. Lace miniaudieres in Sulfur Spring and black, $34.99 each. Lace-up pumps in black, Nolita print, and Apple red, $39.99 each

Over the past 6 years, many legendary household names from Missoni to Proenza Schouler have designed exclusive limited edition collections for Target, but clearly Prabal Gurung's collection is not going to disappoint!
Short-sleeve dress in First Date print and black, $39.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral necklace, $39.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; wedge sandals in Apple red, $29.99.
Crystal teardrop earrings in silver, $16.99; crystal teardrop necklace in silver, $39.99. Ankle-strap heels black and Apple red, $39.99 each
Left: Shirtdress in Nolita print, $39.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; wedge sandals, $29.99 Center: Sweatshirt in First Date print, $29.99; pencil skirt in Dresden blue, $29.99; tote in Nolita print, $39.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99 Right: Leather jacket in Dresden blue, $199.99; sleeveless tee in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt in Nolita print, $29.99; flat sandals, $29.99
Left: Dress with full skirt in Floral Crush print, $49.99; ankle-strap pumps in Sulfur Spring, $39.99 Center: Lace blouse, $29.99; skirt in Meet The Parents print, $29.99; crystal teardrop earrings, $16.99; bangle in Calypso print, $16.99; lace crystal stone bangle, $29.99; crystal stone cutout bangle, $24.99; lace-up pumps, $39.99 Right: Cardigan in Dresden blue and Calypso coral, $32.99; sweater in Dresden blue/Atlantis, $29.99; tank top, $19.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps in Apple red, $39.99

All images via's exclusive here


For those of you stateside, lucky you! This collection really made me smile, even though it feels like an age before we actually get some Spring/Summer action here!

Happy Friday and have super weekend loves! I've got a bit of catching up to do, but will come say hello soon!
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Sunday, 6 January 2013


 Amber Heard for Guess Fall 2011

Hope you're all having a super weekend!

The past couple of days has been fairly interesting for me, as I have now noticed a relatively large growth spurt bump-wise as reaching over the sink to do the washing up is proving more difficult and I'm barely half-way there!

Anyhow, that's not the issue, the issue is my ass and my belly are growing to (what I consider) mammoth proportions and I now need new jeans to accommodate this (I am of course tempted to cut the waistband off an old pair and sew some jersey fabric as an over the bump style). Leggings just don't cut the mustard when it's cold.

image via here

Here are some key tips for buying the perfect jeans:
  • Try as many different styles on (by different brands) to see which styles accentuate and fit you best. Do the sit, stretch & squat thing to see if they're comfortable reveal too much at the back or if they stretch too much you may want to go down a size.
  • Check the back pockets, which should be centered on each cheek - giving you the perfect butt balance, too much detailing = more butt emphasis (unless you have a flat bottom, you should opt for flap pockets!) if pockets sitting too low =  longer looking bottom - pockets positioned slightly higher = more pert looking derriere (unless you're pretty lucky in that department!). 
Kate Moss for Liu Jo via here
  • Darker washes instantly help you drop a few pounds and are most flattering.
  • Buy the size that fits you not what the label says!
  • If you're buying stretchy jeans with Elasthane in them, opt for a size smaller, as they'll only get baggier/stretch after lots of wears (especially if the quality of the fabric isn't great). If the Elasthane is under 2%, the shape and fit is likely to hold!
  • Avoid muffin top jeans and go up a size or find a different style/brand that works fit wise for you.
  • Found the perfect fit jeans but the lengths all wrong? Get them altered, it'll save you the headache!
    If you're shopping by your body shape, this article by Shape and this article by FabSugar are brilliant and helpful!
Now onto my pregnancy dilema's: Over or under the bump? 

 Collage of images of Sienna Miller, Gisele Bundchen & Jessica Alba via Telegraph & Google images
Not all of us are built like Gwyneth, Alessandro or Gisele, so finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans can be a little daunting, especially if your body shape has changed during your second trimester and you still want to look stylish. Plus, as much as I want to rock out some floaty pretty maxi dresses right now (potentially, I could layer), it ain't gonna happen unless I live somewhere mildy hot & sunny! 
I've heard one to many stories about the under the bump ones falling down... so it might be worth getting a size down. I've had friends buy jeans with adjustable popper waistbands, for the growing bump. I guess fit-wise, a pair may fit and look better at a certain stage during your pregnancy, so trying different styles is key, so is quality too mind.

I've got my eye on a skinny pair with a flesh coloured over the bump panel but haven't found my size (i'm smaller in GAP - Whoop Whoop), and have bought a normal black under the bump elasticated bootcut pair and am yet to try on a pair with side elasticated panels, which may hold up better.

From left: Paige Westbourne Jimmy Jimmy jeansCitizens of Humanity Ava straight leg, J brand straight leg, DL 1961 New Milano Leg.  

Jeans are such a wardrobe staple that investing in a great pair is a necessity for me. Are there any brands out there you think are worth splurging on or do you have any tips when buying a pair of jeans? Please share!
I bought a pair of GAP under the waistband slim-bootcut trousers/jeans in black but they have already started to fall down, depsite bump growing. Am going to sew some poppers into the sides of the waist band so they can be adjusted.

Have a fantastic week!
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Year loves! I hope you all have a spectacular 2013, may it be filled with love, laughter, good health, wealth & happiness! I really hope you have enjoyed the holidays, can't wait to catch up with you all properly. I have a sneaky feeling that this year is going to be pretty exciting!!! Thanks again for making this blog what it is! 
Make your wish now kittens! May 2013 sparkle all year for you!
 image via here
Vasilopita - A traditional Greek New Years cake, cut at midnight or on New Years day to bless the home & bring good luck for the new year (well that's if you find the hidden coin inside your slice that is!) Here's one I did last year, yes it's covered in white chocolate glace and piped with dark chocolate... Oh and I'm rather pleased that my Greek handwriting is kinda improving and doesn't look like a 4 year old anymore! I still haven't figured out how to do neat cursive yet! ;)

Rock on this year and make it better than the last, don't put something off, just do it! I hope you're all energised, ready to feed the soul & are ready to start making 2013 the best year yet!
Καλή χρονιά σε όλους με υγεία πάνω από όλα και ευτυχία!!! ΕΥΤΥΧΙΣΜΕΝΟ ΤΟ 2-0-1-3!!! 
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