Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wonderfully Wow Window Escapes 2011 Part 1

Well helloooo!

As some of you already know, I am always transfixed by stunning visual merchandising for any store. I got incredibly snap happy whilst back in London and utterly distracted by what stores had to offer, for drawing us punters in for Christmas gifting and shopping.
I also snagged the video for the making of the Selfridges, London Christmas Window display 2011! It's seriously mind blowing to see how it's all done!
Here's part 1, enjoy!

Loving the Circus them running thoughout the LV stores world-wide!


Absolutely in love with Fortnum & Mason London theatrical & stunning "Moulin Rouge style" windows featuring Showgirls galore! More info behind their Christmas windows here.

Selfridges windows were wonderfully white, I would have loved to have seen more colour, but the details in each of the windows were fantastic.

See how the Christmas windows were set up in the short video below!

As I storm troopered it down Oxford Street, it had started to get pretty dark and the stunning Christmas lights came on. I love what Boots have done! Very Light fantastic and festive!

Image credits: Photos taken by A Brit Greek, except Louis Vuitton Store front via Dolceandgabbana me & Fortnum & Mason, LV via Marie Claire UK,
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Friday, 25 November 2011

Wedding Inspiration

I think it's been quite some time since I posted anything wedding related, and I know we're not exactly in wedding season, but I do love myself a winter wedding, especially a Greek one!
Tomorrow, we'll be throwing candy coloured rice and celebrating our dear friends wedding, I am so incredibly excited for them. Anyhoos, here's a mini wedding fix if you didn't get enough of it over the summer.

No wedding is complete with an awesome cake, I love this rose swirl cake, but it does look too pretty to eat!
There's something pretty cool and unexpected about having a fabulous lining in a big white dress

I'm in shoe heaven just looking at these!

I hope you've all had an amazing week, I guess we're kind of heading into the weekend now, so have a fantastic one luvvies!

Right now I can't decide whether to go for darker hues with plenty of shimmer and sparkles or to go for something with a mixture of colours... eek!

I'm sorry for my blogging absence, I've had a bit of a crazy week after getting poorly last weekend and trying to see everyone before I left the UK again... Then flying back last night and going straight to our friends 'Krevati' - a Greek pre-wedding ritual. I can't believe my time there felt so rushed, more on that another time though.

images via:, Overlookingmississippi, CoquetteandDove, TheFancy
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Monday, 21 November 2011

The Enchanted Forest

Well hey there lovelies, how was your weekend? Did you start your Christmas Shopping and battle it out with shoppers? I did a slightly mental thing and got up an some insane hour to hit the highstreet at opening hours... maaaan it was great! Hardly anyone about and no queues for the till. We had such beautiful sunny weather in Surrey on the Saturday but when I woke up the next day and peeked out the window, it was thick with fog. Couldn't see a thing!

It didn't stop me going out for a walk near the River Thames, but it did feel ever so eery whenever there was no-one around. Kind of reminded of foggy murders in that film "An American Werewolf in London" - yup, it's an old one, filmed on the moors somewhere... But still gives me the 'judders'.

Are you creeped out yet?
I also went out to visit friends who live in the burbs too and by the time I left their new home the roads were clogged up with Fog, driving was near impossible, but I did get home safely in the end!

Sorry if you expected something with a little more fashion... I will be back with some goodness to share very soon! I'm just trying to navigate my way around an ancient PC when i'm used to using a mac! Yeah, no bluetooth connection either...

Anyhoos! Happy Monday to y'all and have a great week!
καλή εβδομάδα!
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Donatella cancels Versace for H&M's Daily News shoot for Real Women

Hello lovelies! How are we all? I'm sorry it's been a while...

This mornings bit of reading about Donatella Versace 'cancelling a Daily News shoot featuring real New York women' because they 'did not fit her branding' caught my eye... It's pretty outrageous, since they gave an initial go-ahead for the shoot but was later told that 'Donatella is not likely to approve shooting on real women'. Turns out, two of the three proposed women were rejected by one of Versace's publicists.
For someone who has a global luxe branding, I don't think she's sending a particularly good message for good fashion folks out there and also, H & M is a global brand for like everyone, as in real people shop there.

The last I heard is that these women will be featured in a Cocktail Party themed shoot in tomorrow's The Daily News dripping in clothes by Michael Kors, Asos, Betsey Johnson & Bloomingdales.

So will you be buying any pieces from the Versace for H& M collection? Thoughts on a postcard please!

images via Getty & Dailymail
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Partying like it's my Birthday!

Holy smokes, a whole year has flown by so quickly that I can't quite believe it's my birthday. It has been a trying year filled with ups and downs, but in hindsight, it has been a brilliant year too.
It's funny how certain situations and die-hard battles you have to beat makes you not only stronger, but more determined.

Anyhoos, I cannot wait to see what this year will bring me, after all, the number i'll be celebrating is my lucky number!
Something about balloons that just makes you think celebration...

Solve Sundsbo does his magic for Vogue China 2009
Words will never express what my BFF did for me... but yeah, her gift was pretty amazing! I was gobsmacked to see she'd book me on a flight to London along with an invitation for a big b'day dinner. Honestly, I didn't see this coming, but I needed to get back to London for other reasons other than celebrating. Surely this doesn't happen in real life, only in the movies right?
Now that my friends is love. She's even filled the Goody cupboard in the kitchen with snacks and naughty goodness that I love most. Seriously, how banana's? So London, here I coooooome! I cannot wait to see all my family and friends.

Finally, I want to say that I heart you guys loads, thank you for always making my just that little bit more better with your comments & support! Big smooches to you!

images via Fashion Gone Rogue & Pinterest
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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Celebrity Airport Style: What They Wear

I used to love airports when I was a kid. I loved that on the otherside of the arrival gate were friends or family, ready to welcome you with love, their faces filled with joy when they see you and open arms ready to embrace your hug - very "Love Actually". Ok, you can all go gag now... ;)
I loved the constant buzz amongst other things and spending that waiting time prior to a flight scoring some awesome buys at the Duty Free rather than feel impatient or anxious about getting on the flight. More than anything else, I always got giddy with excitement when nearing the final destination.

Most of you already know about my weeny Celeb Style obsession, so it'll probably come as no surprise to ya'll when I do a post dedicated to Celebrity Airport Style. It's a mammoth one I warn you!
Unlike most of us regular folk, celebrities are a totally different breed when they take to the skies, there are no sweats, snugly or baggy clothing, it's all about looking super stylish. Let's not forget the sneaky paparazzi are always camped out at airports ready to photograph the stars at every opportune moment.

So what do they wear? Here are some of my fave jet-set looks from the stars, complete with serious oversized arm-candy to-die-for.

Black leather jacket and jeans - a favourite flying uniform with the stars! Not sure what Katy Perry was thinking at the airport though.

Absolutely adore Claudia Schiffers & Miranda Kerr's style here.
If you want to hide how shattered you are the A-listers secret weapon is a cool hat and a pair of oversized shades. Leggings are also dead comfy for long-haul flights.

Stripes, another simple formula for stylish airport chic.
Casual Cool-These guys have perfected the art of looking stylish, effortlessly cool and feeling comfy.

There's no sacrificing fashion for comfort for one major celeb, Victoria Beckham knows how to work the runway having covered thousands of endless miles... Seriously, I don't know how she manages to look ultra polished 100% of the time, but she always looks awesome arriving/leaving airports! Let's see, her uniform always consists of oversized glasses, gorgeous bag - YSL, Hermes naturally, and super fierce heels - Louboutin or Brian Atwood.

I think 2010 was when VB went through a hat phase... Loving Posh's pregnant airport style too. For more brilliant airport style evolution for VB check it out via The Sun here.

Cameron & Eva have clearly picked up some styling tricks from Rachel Zoe and Rosie looks model perfect no matter what she throws on.
Lady Gaga's travel looks are definitely not for the faint hearted, but she always gives us a good show, perhaps that's why they cleared her through security with a pair of handcuffs one time. Wonder if she changes into something more comfortable on the plane?

What's your favourite Airport Outfit? Do you have any of your own you wish to share and which of these looks would you steal?

I know that after a hideously long-haul flight our skin may look slightly dull & puffy, we may rock the bleary, red-eye look better than the undead, have crumpled clothing and ultimately not look our best but it's best to be prepared for all situations and stash everything you need in your carry on bag. I mean beauty essentials, statement pieces of jewellery to make your outfit rock.

When flying I generally opt for a mix of comfort with relaxed style when going on long international flights but am happy to mix it up a little for shorter European flights.
Ballerina's, boots or heeled pumps are great & easy for slipping off and on again through security posts, a large pashmina/printed scarf are great for keeping you warm and doubling up as a mini blanket plus some clever layering should keep you comfy and warm too. Monochrome outfits disguise wrinkles and spillages. Other must-have 'make you feel & look darn good' essentials when flying:
  • Facial Spray, moisturizer, hair brush, perfume, toothbrush/paste. Gum.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol if possible and keep rehydrated with plenty of water.
  • Eye drops: break out before landing to avoid red-eye.
  • On long-haul flights keep mobile and stretch.
  • Going somewhere straight from the airport? Yup, I've had my fair share of arriving in the early hours of the morning in Athens and headed straight out. I used to splash my face with cold cold water and apply make up prior to landing & changing into my outfit that i've had hung up. I also try to avoid flat (sometimes static) hair upon arrival to pretty much everywhere, so I now just twist my hair into a high messy bun when I touch down.

A Big No, No at the airport
Forget wearing belts, shoes with lots of buckles or lots of jewellery as you'll only have to take it off at security, instead keep it in your carry on bag.

Hope you enjoyed my Celeb Airport Style Saga...
Have a great weekend lovelies!

Images sources: JustJared, Vogue, Glamour, StyleBistro, Stylelite, Look, The Sun, & People Magazine
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lusting After... Seductive Military Coats

I never tire of the military trend, but what I'm obsessing after right now are COATS! I love the full on adornement, clean lines and elaborate details. There's something about throwing on a double breasted coat (complete with ornate buttons) that makes any outfit ultra polished, maybe it's the silhouette!
Loving this seductive & uber glamourous editorial take featuring Marcelina Sowa by Aitken Jolly, styled by Carmen Borgonovo.

I fell in love with the Burburry Prorsum one with antique gold buttons last fall, this years it's the Versace one I've gone gaga for... Here are my budget to break the bank picks!
From left to right:
Tough Luxe Editorial images via Design Scene
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