Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Bride wore vintage & miu miu's

Hello everyone!

How's your week going? It feels like my life just fast forwarded in a nano-second and here I am back in super hot Athens! I honestly don't know where the past week went except that I had a total blast.
In a nutshell this was the news I received: Just landed in London - one of the BFF's water broke so our dinner plans together were scuppered, another BFF announced her pregnancy (I now have babies busting out from August, Oct, Nov & Dec - crikey!), my baby cousin (to me she's a baby anyway) announced her engagement (woohoo!) & erm... Oooh, I have a new haircut! Yup, I went for the chop and for two days, I experienced that weird phantom hair thing, particularly whenever I brushed my hair! Photos to share soon!
Just wanted to share a little snippet of what the bride wore... More to come loves!
Aren't these just to die for??? Remember Jo the Shoe Buyer/Designer from the I want this Job series? It was her fabulous wedding &  I wouldn't have expected anything less from her choice of footwear - the miu miu wedding heels rocked! She danced away all night in these beauties! Plus her dress was something else, Jo looked a vision of beauty in a lace vintage strapless gown.

I am slowly catching up on everything and yes, I realise I'm lagging massively in blogosphere, but I am still around. Have missed you guys & your inspiration in a mega way! Thanks for stopping by.

 via someecards

With July nearly upon us already & I can't help but ask myself where this year went or if my dreams/goals have been achieved or wondering if I could have done more, been more... It's just that in the past week I felt like I truly lived, maybe that's just London... It was frantic but in a good busy bee kinda way and I mananged to accomplish a lot in such a short space of time. So I find myself asking if I made the most of the past six months? What would I have done differently, changed or even improved? Do any of you ever feel like you've pushed the boundary hard enough or procrastinated til the very last moment because of fear? Lastly, I remember reading this somewhere and asked myself too: "When was the last time you did something for the very first time?'

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Because it's Monday...

I need me some fierce bling to brighten up my Mondays. Aurelie Bidermann Lips Choker, evil eye charm necklace via The Man Repeller

Welcome to the week loves! I'm not much of a Monday lover since the weekend feels like it flies by far too quickly, but today is a bit of an exception. So far I've had amazing news that a blogger bud has gotten engaged, one of my BFF's is about to pop, yet she's already 3 days late - I think he just wants an audience! Hopefully it won't be a Carrie situation (when Miranda's water broke all over Carrie's brand new Louboutins!) & also I'll be jetting off to London tomorrow, yay! 

Yep, I'm off to yet another wedding, so hopefully my friends baby will make an appearance whilst i'm there! image via L'espoir

Because it's Monday...
 via here

I'm sorry I haven't gotten round to everyones blogs yet, my laptop keeps overheating (it's been 34-38 degrees the past week!) and I am currently damned with the spinning beach ball of death & never ending 'force quit' action! Ugh!

I hope you all have a super week... I am a little relieved to say that Greece is still in the Eurozone... but for how long, who knows? Anyhoos, I'm gonna be forever the optimist. Ciao for now lovers!
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Summer Loving: Perfect Picnics

I simply adore picnics, it doesn't matter whether you're on a mini stretch of desserted beach or in the hustle & bustle of a busy Park, it's company, the weather, music, games and food that makes a perfect lazy summer afternoon. I still haven't found the perfect patch of grass to have a gathering here, but I can only swoon at some of these images here for now.

 images above via H&M Home (for real as in H&M fashion retailer!)

What kind of picnic are you going for? Matchbook Magazine (which I just cannot get enough of by the way) has all the info you'll need!
Nothing makes a picnic more perfect than good food, I'm a total foodie so the more the better, but it has to be a darn good mix of things, from sweet to savoury, know what I mean? Depending on what kind of picnic you're hosting, make sure you've packed the right kinds of food and drink - humble food or luxe picnic style?

I've included this because i'm nutso about figs!

"These little bundles of salad don't need dressing so they won't go soggy on the journey. They are good for keeping hunger pangs at bay while the rest of the picnic is being unpacked.
Makes 8
  • 2 figs, quartered
  • 8 slices of prosciutto
  • A bunch of wild rocket (or a bagful)
Take a fig quarter and a few leaves of rocket and wrap them up (like a bunch of flowers) in a piece of prosciutto. Repeat with the rest of the figs."


1. Little Rose Spring Cocktail via Martha Stewart 
2. Lavender Mojito via Sugar and Charm 
3. Grapefruit Mojito via Martha Stewart 
4. Lime Sorbet Margaritas via Real Simple 
5. Blood orange Margarita via White on Rice

Not a fan of running around with a frisbee or games? Chill out with a good read... Here are just a few brilliant light reads! Enjoy! 


Are you all set?
 image via here

Have a fantastic weekend loves! New readers thank you for stopping by & my blogger buds - Big fat Greek style love & sunshine to ya!
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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The future Chop & Kérastase "Cristalliste" Hair heaven

In just a little over a weeks time, I will be saying goodbye to my long hair and going for the big chop. I know, no big deal right? But I guess for everyone, it's different. I do love having long hair, but I'm pretty easy going too, after all it does grow back... and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
There's two reasons why I'm doing it, 1) It's freakin' hot here in Greece and 2) Someone else needs my hair more than I do. I'll be donating about a foot or more of hair to the Little Princess Trust. Least I know my hair will be going to be put to good use, I can't imagine how a child may feel having lost their hair to cancer treatment.

The above is just a little inspiration of what is yet to come, I might just share the sacred shot when the deal is done! Eek! For more summer hair inspiration and to see just how short my hair once was, click here.
Peek-a-boo! ;)

Recently, I received a lovely new Kérastase "Cristalliste" line from the lovely folks at L'Oreal Paris GR, which is specifically designed for the treatment of long hair. The shampoo exceeded my expections by a mile off, all I'll say is that a little goes a long way since the product lathers exceptionally well. The smell is somewhat familiar - reminding me of the L'oreal Elvive Nutri-gloss Shampoo/Conditoner range (in the Pink bottles), it's fresh, sweet and clean. Overall I loved how my hair felt after a rinse through.

With the range being suited to long hair, I expected the conditioner to have a much thicker, creamier consistency, but for some reason, it was a much lighter formula which did the job of light conditioning. Still, it's not bad, since my roots didn't get overly greasy & my hair was a lot smoother.

Lastly the serum is the icing on the cake - it really is a wonderful product, which also smells amazing and creates serious shine without weighing down the hair.
What I love most about this range is the fact that it contains no parabens, colourants or silicone.
Check it out - I didn't have to blow dry my hair or anything (too hot here!), I just happen to have very straight hair even when it dries naturally, the results are below! (p.s I always comb through wet hair, usually the ends gently and then let it dry naturally).

 Thank you L'Oreal Paris GR!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!

Images from Bob Hair collage via various sources from Pinterest,, allwomenstalk, ibtimes & sugarscape.
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Visions of a Colour-Filled Summer

 Clemence Poesy for Glamour UK (Feb 2012) by David Oldham - loved this entire shoot btw via here.
Hello darlings, are you glad it's Friday?

Summer has been in full swing over here for quite some time. It's one of my favourite seasons as that's when I truly feel I'm at my optimal best. These days I'm letting my imagination run wild, smiling at the most ridiculous things I see, along with this fantastic quote I read recently in the back of my mind: "Someone else is happy with less than what you have."

Maxi's, mini's, it doesn't really matter what, as long as there's colour! via here
I simply adore pink exteriors, love this! via here
Beautiful blooms by Thomas Blumenthal via flickr
Tropical colours depicts the perfect summer for me - think oranges & pinks. via here
The works of Eric Cahan via here

How would you describe your favourite summer colours? I always seem to struggle when describing colours I love, call me crazy but it's somewhere along the lines of sunset/dusk or a packet of Tooty Fruity's (purple, pinks, orange) or the sea (emerald greens, azure blues)...
So true! Anyways... Gotta go...
 My rides here gorgeous people...

Have a wickedly awesome weekend!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An enchanted country wedding

One of my fave Greek phrases that I learnt in the early days of my big fat Greek move was 'mia fora kai ena kairo' which translates as 'once upon a time'... I guess it's totally appropriate to begin this post with this phrase since a few weeks ago I attended my dearest friend, Rachels wedding. It was a truly romantic affair, the bride looked every inch of super stunning & the ceremony perfect. Plus there was a happily ever after too, just like in fairytales...
After the ceremony, we all had a chance to congratulate the happy couple & have some photographs taken outside the church.  It just so happened that the rear of the church grounds backed onto a stable, where three stunning horses ran wild... As Ray approached the fences, a beautiful stallion galloped towards all of us & stopped by to give her a smooch! Talk about photo opp?
Her dress was amazeballs, it was the perfect fit for her and her shoes made me laugh because they were exactly what I predicted she'd wear, something with insanely high heels (14cm with platform) - the towering kind Victoria Beckham is often seen stepping out in. I have no idea how she lasted all day & night in those pointed platform babies!
The bridesmaids wore Mad Men style rose printed dresses and guests wore beautiful hats and morning suits! How fabulous?!
 Hats off! There were so many gorgeous creations - I loved Granny T's hat on the top left (below)!
I can't actually remember the last time I attended a super formal wedding where the ladies wore hats and the guys morning suits, very My Fair Lady! The funniest thing, is seeing everyone for breakfast the next morning wearing their normal day to day clothes! I was lounging in my checked shirt, jeans & metallic Converse's...
The wedding ceremony was a small, cosy affair and to kick of the ceremony, the church bells rung... so incredible to watch (just like the Mars Bar ads, but without the bouncing up & down!). It was halfway through the ceremony that I literally had my mind blown by an angelic voice singing 'Ave Maria'. The reaction from pretty much everyone was 'mouth shaped like an o'. I haven't been wowed in a long time but this beautiful 13-year-old girls voice took my breath away.

Just sayin' hi to this beauty... my heels sunk deep into the grass! I wish I'd known the Mr. was taking my pic...

The Mr. & I had such a blast, I endured all kinds of waves of emotions that day & had an awesome time celebrating my friends big day! Loved every moment. I know..., there's a gazillion superlatives I could have used to describe that day, but seriously, it was one of the most amazing weddings, ever, period! Hope you enjoyed!
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Window Shopping Fun: The Queens Diamond Jubilee

Wow, what a week it's been! How are you guys holding up? 

Pretty Impressive Oxford Street huh? via here.

For those of you who don't really know me, I have a penchant for beautifully displayed windows and I can literally spend hours gawping at the visual splendours, genius concepts and design.

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the Queens reign and in honour, so pretty much every major store & the high-street in London have transformed their windows to depict all things traditionally British. Oxford street is buzzing with Britishness and flying the flag or patriotism along with 147 flags with the faces of Brit Cool fashion! Some faces on the flags include Geraldine O’Brien, Head of Design Development, Topshop & Kay Christophe, Head Machinist, Temperley London, but that's not all. Did you know there are over 50,000 fashion experts alone in Oxford street and at least 49,000 skilled manufacturers - WOW?
Be warned, this post is going to be photo heavy, but since this is one guilty pleasure I'm not able to witness in the flesh, I'll just have to indulge & share with you this way instead.

I am literally dying over Harvey Nichols windows, I don't know how their creative team did it, but I love the 1950's vibe and all the installments. This little corner shop is dead cute!

Ooh, very tongue n' cheek! 

These are all so much fun to look at, no? You can see more of the making of Harvey Nichols Windows here. (images also via Harvey Nichols)

Browns not to be outdone by other major stores have come up with impressive visual displays, there's even a paper corgi by the talented Ivana Nohel and illustrations for both backdrops and windows by Gemma Milly! See more images here.

Selfridges, below are also celebrating in style with The Great British Bang windows, the actual window displays are designed by one of the creatives on the team - James Barnett, images via his blog  Make me an offer 

The Royal Ascot theme

Builders Tea Party - and the builders bum! How typical! Ha!

 The Mini Cooper
More Selfridges images via Vogue here

Harrods have gone with the Crown theme, with 31 stunning designs by the worlds greatest designers, including Paul Smith below.  More images and the making of via Harrods here.
Loving all the intricate and innovative designs, just wish I could see them for real!

Totally unrelated to windows, but so damn good is Marmite, my ultimate 'on toast' love & Pimms - a gin based liquer & traditional British beverage! Cannot get the stuff out here...

Last but not least - a snap of the Tower Bridge with light installation! via here

Sorry, kinda went a bit bananas on The Best of British didn't I?! I hope you enjoyed though!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend & Καλό μήνα !
Have an awesome June!
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