Monday, 31 January 2011

Beauty Awareness: Inflammation-not so kind for your looks & health

After reading the comments from my post last week on 'Barefaced Beauty', one of the comments struck a chord with me. I'm fully aware of what happens when you don't wear sunscreen or an SPF, which I always do. But what about the effects of air pollution against your skin? I don't wear foundation on a daily basis to protect my skin, although I probably should and perhaps I don't do enough to protect my skin enough, as the levels of pollution can be quite high in areas of Greece, particularly in summer.

I recently picked up on a brilliant article on on Inflammation (there are many kinds that you ought be aware of) and the possible triggers, one being exposure to air pollutants!

I know that when you hear the word inflammation, you immediately think that it's something that you get from say an ankle sprain, a cut, a bruise, or gum disease, or injuries that you got through exercise, a spot breakout - you associate inflammation with the redness, pain, heat and swelling right? It's the healing process, where infection is cleaned out and tissue rebuilt right?

Well, there's much more to it luvvies! There is actually a kind of inflammation that exists in your body but in a deadly and silent way because it doesn't show up on your body as a wound or infection. Think of it as the stealthy 'chronic low level inflammation' because it can remain invisible for weeks, months or even years. The disease triggers can be read here.

Why should we be concerned? Well I'm no expert in this area and don't claim to be, but I wanted to make everyone a little more aware of the damaging effects and the yucky effects it has on your skin long term. Yeah, I'm talking wrinkles, eczema and acne plus more serious health issues too.

Inflammation can lead to the destruction of healthy cells and tissues on a more rapid level should the body trigger an inappropriate inflammation response. So what do you need to do to combat this?
  • Exercise - cardio, yoga or pilates.
  • Don't smoke
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce stress - make small lifestyle changes if you do lead a busy lifestyle.
  • Diet and increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich foods/drinks (Vitamin C, Green Tea). Eating low levels of Trans and saturated fats; increasing the amount of omega-3 in your diet (found in fish, fish oil and flaxseed oil); and increasing your intake of multicolored fresh vegetables and fruit can help keep inflammation in check. An anti-inflammatory diet should also be rich in fiber and low glycemic foods. It can be helpful to eat a lot of fish, beans, soy and nuts in the place of meat as sources of protein (- meat can be pre-inflammatory).
  • Combat free radicals with an antioxidant-rich diet and skincare regime.
  • If you're into pill popping then check out the Elle UK recommendations here. I don't think popping pills are necessarily the answer to everything, as diet plays a much more important role.
Ok, so I hope I didn't freak some of you out on a Monday, maybe this shoot of Giselle made for a good distraction! Have a great week beauties!

Images via FashionGoneRogue
Shoot featuring Giselle, shot by the awesome Regan Cameron


Inflammation Awareness now


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Friday, 28 January 2011

Flash forward to Spring: High streets hottest

Spring might seem like light-years away at the moment and with the constant downpour in Athens, along with the dreary grey skies, I'm thinking spring just couldn't come any sooner. What has been seriously awesome this Jan is the fact that the skies are getting lighter with twilight falling upon us Athenians somewhere around 5:30pm-ish now. Hoorah!

Along the way I've spotted some of high streets hottest Spring looks, a sure fire way to lift my spirits and ignore the fact that I've caught a stinky cold off Mr. Perseus.

River Islands Spring Summer 11 campaign got me hooked, from the vibrant pops of colour - yes, the cobalt and those mustard pumps are kinda calling to me, sports luxe and inspirational 70's, lots of wide palazzo style pants too - me likey!

1. Paris blazer, Electric blue Mischa top £29.99, Violet hareem trousers £29.99, Mustard SW
courts £64.99

2. Ming sleveless denim shirt, Ivy shirt £29.99, Gardenia mini £19.99, Coralie platforms £49.99
3. Bella fallaway jacket, Mischa ecru top, Mono elasticated waist trousers £29.99, Juliette
sandals £89.99

4. Georgia blouse, Multi-stone necklace, Jungle pants £34.99, Raffia weave sandals £64.99
5. Maggie sleveless blouse, Gwyneth ful skirt, Claudia clasp bag £69.99, Josie cowboy boots

6. Kate spotty dungarees £44.99, Red bow platforms £69.99

all images via River Island

Primark - yes shock horror that I mention these guys, but whilst I might not be buying from here, (unless I hop on a plane and feel the urgent need for fast throwaway fashion) I will mention that I quite the looks/styling they've got going on. I think the 5th look, loose sleeveless top teamed with mid length skirt is very Kate Bosworth, no? Whereas look 3. has Alexa Chung written all over it. What do you think?

images via Marie Claire

A huge thanks to new readers and followers stopping by, be sure to leave your link!

Wishing you all a brilliant weekend! Have fun!
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Monday, 24 January 2011

Barefaced beauty

I recently came across a rather interesting talking point via Grazia mag about whether you let your boyfriend/other half see you without make up, so do any of you? I love make up, no, really, I love the stuff but I can't say I was ever the kinda gal who felt the urge to wake up early, rush to the bathroom and administer a full face of make up or foundation at the least before stealthily getting back under the duvet covers. Brush teeth & wash face - yes, but make up, no.
According to a study carried out by UK beauty chain Superdrug, a large number of women don't feel very comfortable going completely barefaced in front of their other halves. Whilst a third doubt that their other half wouldn't have been that interested in them if they’d been make up free when they first met. Lastly, "the average woman won’t let their boyfriend see them without make-up, until at least two and a half months into a relationship". So, how long was it before any of you went fresh faced in a new relationship?

I am frankly lucky enough to admit, that Mr. Perseus is totally cool with my make-up free days, he actually prefers me looking more aux-natural, except for when we go out to play. That's when I like to reach for the make up brushes, experiment & get make up happy!

Do you ever leave home without make up on, even if it's simply for running some quick errands or picking up some bits from the grocery store? I've seen some women go to the gym in full make-up - I never did quite understand that, since you're likely to sweat it all off! Clogged up pores, shudder!
What about in the workplace? How do you feel about not wearing any make up to work? Would any of you dare go barefaced to the office?
I suppose, depending on where you work/situation or unless you visibly don't need make up (you lucky lucky thing!), I do think it's really important to represent yourself in the best light possible, you're in a professional environment, so looking groomed, polished or put-together is a must.

If i'm having a yucky day and looking a bit blah, I have to get some Beauty Flash Balm on, along with a little blush/bronzer, eyeliner and lipgloss before I head out the front door. And if I really wanna feel good in an instant, I apply a pop of red lipstick or my fave fuschia lippy 'Girl about town' by MAC.

What are your fave make up tricks that give you an instant feel good factor?

Fantastic shoot by Catherine Servel featuring Magdalena Frackowiak for Exhibition.
Styling by Catherine Newell-Hanson, Hair by Ashley Javier and makeup by Chiho Omae

via FashionGoneRogue
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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Victoria Beckham: Vogue covers, past & present

I recently came across the new Vogue cover featuring Victoria Beckham and couldn't help but notice how 'normal' or should I say natural looking she was in next months cover of UK Vogue. I can't wait to pick up a copy to see what the shoot inside by Alasdair McLellan looks like... please let it be high fashion and filled with classic VB poses! This will be the 6th time she's officially graced the cover of Vogue now, I wonder if there will ever be a US cover sometime in the future...

Do we like this cover? What do you think? Anyhoos, I love VB, for many reasons, she has come has come a long way since her Spice Girl days and although I still can't put her in the category of 'fully fledged designer' in my head, she is, to me a brilliant business woman with style and sass.

Vogue, UK
Feb 2011

The Spice Girls on the cover of US Vogue, Jan 1998
VB going solo and on the cover of Vogue, Spain
Feb 2004

VB looking smokin' hot in UK Vogue
April 2008

Vogue, India
Nov 2008

Vogue, Russia
Feb 2009
Vogue, Germany
May 2010
Vogue, Turkey
August 2010


One final thing, a huge thanks to The Fairytale Girl (Nana Jones) for this fab award!

Have a super stylish weekend!

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Une autre Black Swan: Gwen Lu

I've been mesmerized by the film Black Swan, which I am yet to see and I, for one cannot wait. For as long as I can remember, Ballet was such a huge thing in my life. I don't know if it was the idea of wearing pink tutu that sucked me in or the fact that ballerina's could fly through the air, glide and pirouette so effortlessly & gracefully across a stage in pointe shoes.
I slipped into my first pair of leather ballet shoes since the age of 4 and danced for well over a decade dreaming about life in the RAD before it was replaced by my love of fashion. Oops.

Anyhow, I've been blown away by Jeff Tse's black and white 'Black Swan' shoot featuring the gorgeous Gwen Lu.

Other credits:
Hair: Menelaos Alevras
Make Up: Regina Harris
Styling: Ise White

Via Jeff Tse Photography

Above: Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Black Swan inspired fashion
From left:
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Well hello there...

A big hello to you guys! I hope all of you have had a terrific start to the new year. For some, this is definitely true as the gorgeous Kristy Elena of Vogue Gone Rogue has gone on to WIN the Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous blogging contest! Check her out here!

So, I've kinda been m.i.a of late...huge slap on the wrist for moi, don't worry I haven't totally lost the plot!

image via Sophia Eriksen photography (edited)

I've been focused on a few other things recently


In the past 48 hours i've had a few crazy things happen, from people trying to get a hold of me for the 1st ever Fashion Business Forum in Athens, Greece to lots of e-mails back and forth amongst other things! I had wanted to go in the first place mainly because one of my fashion hero/legends Colin McDowell (legendary fashion writer with a killer sense of humour!) was going to be speaking and i'd read about this event via some of the other blogger's posts, except tickets were at a stonking price!

Long story short, I was kindly invited to attend this event along with 15 other Greek fashion Bloggers by a relatively new online e-shop called - so a huge, gigantic, big fat Greek style THANKS to them. BUT they had no way of contacting me as I remain pretty anonymous in my blog. Ok, that has kinda change now, since I have now installed a contact me bit! I was then hunted down by the lovely Pinelopi of Fashion Architect & Katerina of Fashion Algorithms, who have been angels in helping me liaise with the CEO of

The gorgeous Greek Fashion bloggers! Good meeting you luvvues!

So what if I had to pay? By 9:30pm on Sunday I made a decision to go anyway in hope that tickets were definitely on sale, cancel my next day's bits and bobs and make the most of an exciting opportunity to meet the Greek fashion Bloggers, enjoy a great talk by Mr. Fashion and just see what's going on in the fashion industry here. (Post excellently, summed up by Katerina here) Without the help of Panayiotis of & Pinelopi, I probably wouldn't have gone or had to part with 'My dream camera budget' savings, so thanks for making it happen guys!

images via here & here.
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