Friday, 29 March 2013


Smashing baby!

Just as I'm totally & utterly crazy about the outfits/wardrobe in Mad Men,  I'm also one for going gaga over stunning uniform attire, air stewardess uniforms being rather high on my nostalgic craze list.
Back in the day, many airlines worked with couture designers to create their uniforms to make a fashion statement in the sky, with many high profile designers today continuing to make airline uniforms as luxurious, stylish and reflective of the Airlines brand as much as possible.
I think Daisy looks groomed to perfection & rather fabulous, no?
Credits:  Daisy Lowe photographed by Rankin for British Airways High Life Magazine. 
Make-up by Andrew Gallimore at CLM. 
Hair by Nick Irwin. Nails by Zarra Celik at CLM. 
Styled by Anna Hughes-Chamberlain

Images above via Daily Mail

TV personality Kirsty Gallacher and BA cabin crew model vintage air hostess uniforms. Kirsty wears a 1974 Hardy Amies design, alongside the current uniform by Julien Macdonald and a 1967 BOAC paper dress, which air stewardesses wore on flights between NY to the Caribbean.

via here
BOAC Boeing 707 First Class, 1960s
via The Telegraph
I think flying back in the 'Mad Men' era was way more fun, I mean the sky girls were dressed by Emilio Pucci, there were piano bars onboard, people actually dressed up and were served gourmet food... or real food anyway. I suppose we all just have to pay the price for the ticket to get that kinda service these days and it sure ain't cheap.
PSA outfits from the 60's, just how much fun? Loving the short hemlines, although not sure how practical they were! 
via here
Way back in the day, air stewardesses were qualified/registered nurses, had to be young, unmarried, be under a certain weight and at least 5ft 4" or had to have 'Barbie like proportions', crazy no? Well they all had the opportunity to travel the world and look glam, which girl didn't dream of being a stewardess back then? Besides, you could even wear an outfit like the below...
I am so kidding of course! Nevertheless, the phwoarrrr factor here is off the charts.
Image via here
An example of the kind of service you received back in the 70's and tropical uniform, perhaps representative of Hawaiian Airlines?
via here
Southwest airline 1970's - ticket sales increased dramatically, I wonder why?!
via here
BA uniform - the conservative pant suit from 1977-1985 replaced the more flamboyant fashion of shorter hemlines from the 60's & hotpants from the 70's.
Images above via Telegraph
Lufthansa uniforms from 1938-1979 
via here
A stewardess' uniform has changed so dramatically over the years, from functional & conservative to bright, colourful fashion statements, drop dead sexy and right back to chic & sophisticated. What are your fave uniforms and what do you think of fashion in the skies? Would you have preferred to flown back then or now service-wise?

I couldn't resist but leave you with a super smoking hot TV Ad - it's the James Bond of TV adverts (quite literally) from the geniuses at Virgin Atlantic & their awesome team. If you can't view it due to restrictions, click here to take you directly to Youtube.

Have a happy weekend loves & Happy Easter!
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Friday, 22 March 2013


Jessica Biel's nails at the Los Angeles Premiere Total Recall Premiere, LA via here

That's right, the subject that's been on my mind of late has been wearing nail polish during pregnancy. Most of you know that I'm nutty for nail art & nail polish and I rarely go without painted toe nails all year round... but ever since I've been pregnant, all changed.

I like my nails to look pretty and I love a heavy dose of colour, wearing nail polish is a part of me.

Although your nails are keratin based and are dead, they still absorb chemicals and it's more of an issue when you get nail polish on your cuticles. I don't know what risks there are to the unborn baby but I do know that Toluene can cause birth defects and developmental problems but that you'd need to be inhaling the fumes regularly for this to cause any problems. Also watch out for formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or lets just call all of these the "toxic trio", which if inhaled on a regular basis can irritate the eyes, lungs and throat. I guess it's probably best to keep the room well ventilated or have the window open if you are painting your nails, just to be on the safe side, y'know.

So, which brands are free from formaldehyde, DBT and toluene?

Aside from the above, there are plenty of other brands that also claim to be free from the toxic trio - from Sally Hansen, Essie, Orly & Deborah Lippman - mainly because the ingredients aren't on the label... What I'd love to know is whether you'd wear nail polish or rather go naked during your pregnancy? Or did you? Answers on a post card please, would love to hear your views.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!
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Friday, 15 March 2013


Sexy heels and books are meant to be displayed together... via The Coveteur

Happy Friday darlings! Hope you've all had a terrific week.
I do love a chic, beautiful space, particularly one that has embraced fashion or used elements of fashion as part of a beautiful home display. How about we swoon at some of these fabulous Friday images?

via here
See through walk-in wardrobe, everything displayed to perfection. Can you imagine having a bad Monday morning and literally making this area a huge whopping mess?
via here
Using an old perfume bottle as a vase... genius and oh-so pretty.

I would love to do this one day with all my Christmas/December issues of Vogue, framed covers as wall art would be stunnng against a simple white back-drop.

via here and here

Old-school see-through closet with a beautiful piece hanging on the outside - I'd have a divine Oscar De La Renta or an Elie Saab piece. Lovely stuff. I've always loved that Prada Marfa canvas/print from Gossip Girl, it looks fab here in this chic dining space. You can buy it here.

I was recently wowed by such a beautiful space that brought fashion and architecture (by D-Raw) to a super glam restaurant and bar at an event held by Rhubarb. Bond & Brook on the second floor of Fenwick's is the hottest place to go for high tea and fashion. I just adore the fashion library, that fits in so well with the rest of the sophisticated fashion space outside of the restaurant on the shop floor and the cocktail bar.

via Rhubarb

This is every fashion & food lover's idea of heaven, considering there's a couture breakfast, high tea that consists of stiletto shaped biscuits, macarons, chantilly roulade amongst other fabulous couture offerings and a daily changing brunch menu. Sigh...

Where? Bond & Brook, 2nd Floor, Fenwick, 63 New Bond St, London W1A 3BS

I'm about to welcome the weekend with open arms and a massive lie-in tomorrow, what have you all got planned? Happy Weekend to you all!
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Thursday, 7 March 2013


I'm afraid that even now in March, my paws seem to be dry and lacking in the super soft department. The weather has definitely not been my friend and the night time ritual of slathering on hand cream along with a good massage is the only resolve.
My fail safe go-to's though-out the winter months and all year long have helped improve the condition of my hands dramatically and I suggest you make room for these little beauties in your hand bag now, whatever the weather!
Current Loves!
I'm totally smitten with The Body Shops Absinthe collection, particularly the purifying hand cream (£10). I'm afraid you won't get a vision of Kylie as a fairy visiting you & doing a jiggle once you've applied the hand cream, but what you will get are fully hydrated paws (it's not a greasy hand cream even with the magic ingredient - shea butter!). I'm in love with the scent which lingers long after application and as a pregnant woman, smells are very particular with me, I either love or hate it!

Having to get public transport where people are constantly sneezing and coughing all over place makes me feel icky, especially if I have to touch the very same handrails, so you'll always find a bottle of  purifying hand gel or anti-bacterial hand gel in my hand bag. The above two are my beauty saving partners in crime right now!

For healthier looking hands...
I have used all of the above hand creams - they're all good, whatever the budget. I must admit, the cheapie - Nivea Creme does leave a slightly greasy touch afterward as it takes a while to sink in but it is good and has even been compared to Creme de la Mer - it has that protecting and hydrating factor. 
Soap & Glory always have the most delicious smelling skincare/beauty products but what is exceptional about this hand cream is that rehydrates asap and leaves hands feeling silky!
Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula helps with chapped skin leaving your hands all velvety but not 'fed' enough, what I like about it is that is protects against the weather and has a subtle scent. 
Jurliques Lavender hand cream not only nourishes, smells amazing but moisturizes well as it's thick and creamy - my Aussie rellies introduced me to this brand and it's a great buy at the airport!

A Little Goes a Long Way...
One of my fave splurges in winter is L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream (£19/150ml or £8/30ml - Hit the Duty Free counter at the airport!). I know a lot of friends swear by this hand cream and why not? It's gorgeously thick, creamy and sinks in well without being greasy, leaving hands super soft and hydrated. The smell is oh so sweet too... I've heard that if you do suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, this is a great hand cream for keeping them hydrated & in good condition. 
With the older, larger tube design you'll find you may have to cut the end off to get the rest out & finish off the tube properly (I fear this is going to happen with my Body Shop Absinthe tube)! The 30ml tube is a great handbag essential and is in the plastic format. A friend of mine has the rose petals one and leaves the tube next to the kitchen sink, I love sneaking a smidgen, such a gorgeous smell!

What are your handbag or nightstand hand cream faves? If your hands are really out of control dry, I'd suggest exfoliating with a sugar scrub to help get rid of any dead, dry skin and apply a thick moisturiser and wear a pair of gloves overnight.
HOT TIP:  I also tend to use any excess anti ageing face cream on the back of my hands too.

Huge thanks to The Body Shop Greece for the Absinthe Hand collection! Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ! x.o.x.o
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