Sunday, 23 December 2012


 A Big Fat Happy Holidays to you all & Happy Monday (I realise that it's still kinda Sunday, but I gotta be up early tomorrow)! I hope you've all had a rested weekend and are ready to start the festive holidays with friends and loved ones.

Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, have fun & be merry! What are you doing this Christmas & do you have any rituals that you have with friends or family, like a special Christmas breakfast or present opening after X-Mas dinner? I love those moments, when you see someone else's face/reaction to the gift you have bought them. I'm actually looking forward to a bit of time away, so I'll catch you when I can!

I also wanted to say thanks for making my year in blogging super fab, it's always lovely having new faces here & constantly meeting new friends in blogosphere. New readers (secret readers who don't always comment) - thank you for stopping by and everyone else..., there's always plenty of love and hugs for you too - thanks for all your support!

Merry Christmas Angels!
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Friday, 21 December 2012


Good evening lovelies! It looks we all survived the Apocalypse... phew! My favourite past time of mine as you know is oogling stunning Christmas Window Displays, these are just a few around the globe that stood out. I must say, it has been so cold and wet lately that I didn't get round to taking all of the images myself, but anyhoos I loved seeing all the creativity & design. Enjoy!

I just love Bergdorf Goodmans Windows every year and this year is no exception, just stunning - the execution is just mind-blowing!
via Notorious-Mag here 

Christian Louboutins Christmas Windows were just a bit genius if you ask me (designed & created by Studio Xag), their infamous Pigalle heels were cleverly presented as a rotating Christmas Tree display, complete with Diamente studded peep-toe version sitting on top of the tree surrounded by triple mirrors for extra oomph.

photos via here courtesy of Susie Rea Christian Louboutin & here

Adore the silhouette cutout windows at Oasis, UK, by Ruben Toledo via here
 Marmite Christmas lights on Oxford street, the photo changes all the time, how much fun?
Selfridges Christmas Windows 2012, each window surrounded with a shrubbery frame and fairy lights. So much attention to detail went into making Selfridges windows this year, although I have to admit, I loved previous years windows much more.
If you want to see behind the scenes making of Selfridges Windows click here.

 Louis Vuitton's Bond Streets bold, colourful display
 Harvey Nichols always has such breath-taking windows, so glam with a hint of the East.
I love how such a striking window display can entice you immediately.
Carnaby Street, London

I also loved Dior's Doll-tastic windows, which you can check out over at Kim's Blog, A Very Sweet Blog here and for Harrods spectacular Christmas Window Display 2012, Kim has posted here.
If you missed The first 'Wonderfully Wow window Escapes post you can check it out here and last years Part 1 here & Part 2 here.
What are the window displays like where you are? Do you ever stop, stare & can't stop gawping at all the windows? Any favourites this year?

Wishing you all a brilliant holiday weekend! I hope that most of you have Monday off!
Happy Weekend loves! 

Image sources: ABG & Daily Mail here
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Monday, 17 December 2012


Thomas Wylde Fall 12 lookbook via here

A huge welcome to the new week! I hope it's full of sunshine and blue skies... I'll just ignore the cold for a wee bit longer. How was your weekend?

Hypnotic, exotic, magnificent, decandent, luxe, ornate, bold, dramatic, glamourous, sexy... 
I just love everything about black & gold, it's just ultra seductive, no?

 via here
 above two images via Pinterest
  The amazing Nocturne painting in black & gold by James Whistler, a favourite of mine.It depicts a fireworks show in the night sky over Battersea Bridge in an industrial London city park.

The American Radiator building, now the Bryant Park hotel via google images

Zoe Saldana in Gucci via  here
 Black and gold make up as seen at Myers show during Australia Fashion Week by Illamasqua's Creative Director Alex Box (2010). Here's the how-to.
 via here

Because it's Monday, I'm Lusting after...
1. Mawi Teardrop & tube necklace via here.  2. Black and Gold peep toe ankle strap heels by NEXT £38
3. Baroque embellished waist belt via River Island £40  4. Black & Rose gold chronograph watch by Marc Jacobs £279 via

Hope you all have a spectacular week!
Καλή εβδομάδα!
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Friday, 14 December 2012


 via Trendland here

With the festive season upon us, we're bound to have a crazy night or two, or maybe even three... wake up, feeling rather yuck, reminents of make-up still on the face if not on the pillow, not to mention the stonking headache... Oh and the chilly temperatures aren't exactly going to help make you glow on a Winters day either. So what now? Bet you're regretting that black Sambuca or Gold Tequila shot you had at 3am now aren't you?

 Party Dolls shoot via Vogue Nippon, Jan 2013 shot by Ellen Von Unwerth via here

Yes, I've been there, possibly one too many times, God knows how I survived a week of debauchery in Ibiza many, many moons ago... and all those mid-week champagne & canape work events too. Did I mention that overdoing it, by that I mean work far too hard, play even harder and not get enough sleep will do all kinds of wacky stuff to your body? Add alcohol consumption to that equation... It'll look like you've had your entire soul sucked out from you... and all you can do following the aftermath is mumble, shake & move like a Zombie.

If you're gonna party hard this season, make sure you're prepped in a big way - not just beautifying, but sort yourself out on the inside first as that's always going to take a beating first, before there are tell-tale signs on the surface.
I once did the milk thistle supplement thing, which worked for me as I never woke up with a hangover, not once.It basically protects the liver and produces new cells and also is fantastic at detoxifying. I would have started taking this at the beginning of December or at least a couple of days before the big night out & after.

Before the big night, feed well and up your intake of anti-inflammatory foods, such as salmon, avocados, nuts, brocolli, berries, anything rich in Omega-3 and plenty of fluids - mainly water. I didn't believe Mr. Perseus first, but he said to have a spoonful (or a shot if you're that eager) of olive oil before going out for drinks, it helps line the stomach a little... Anyone tried that one?
Also, drinking coconut water before, staying hydrated throughout the night & after will help you recover quicker as it's high in Vitamin C and high levels of electrolyte potassium (or eat a banana the next day, also high in potassium) - which your body will have had depleted levels of from the alcohol.

If you're prone to puffy eyes, start moisturizing the under-eye area well (an eye cream  with Vit. K to help firm and reduce dark under-eye cricles) and again before applying make up. Keep your lips moisturized too, as alcohol intake can be very drying, as can the cold weather.
If you have time and feel kind of alive, go have a work out, it'll take care and rid of all the toxins and give you back your healthy glow! That or go mad with the warpaint!

Alcohol dehydrates, which means dulling the skin and exacerbating any skin irrations you may have, hence the dry or blotchy red skin. I haven't tried this but the Korres Party Survival kit sure sounds good!

My fave face savers: Clarins Flash balm, Bright Here Bright Now by Soap & Glory,  will help as will Benefits 'That Gal'  face primer with a peachy tint.
A true (Winter) life saver and great value for money product is Liz Earles Instant Boost Skin tonic triple set for around £25. It'll wake up your skin and re-hydrate, perfect for winter months and dealing with the hangover from hell.
Wear a Mineral based foundation and perhaps a layer of mineral based loose powder on top to stop the booze from oozing out of your pores!
If you hair is in a real state the next day and you're running late for work or whatever, Dry shampoo will be your best friend, I love Batiste dry shampoo spray. The cherry one smells lush!

 Did you dance the night away? Can you still feel your feet? I'd recommend some peppermint foot lotion and lathering your feet with it before slipping on a pair of socks and comfy shoes. If they took a real hammering, get some anti-inflammatory gel like Ibulieve or Voltoren (It think there are equivalents across the globe) and massage soles of the feet.

Fyi, burning the candle at both ends is just asking for it and I'd say no amount of wonder cream or pill or anything is going to really help you in a flash, so just go easy party girl! Oh and stay well away from the fast food joint after a crazy all nighter, all that grease will just make you feel worse the next day... Have Marmite (loaded with Vit B) on toast or Eggs Benedict (- eggs will give you energy & it contains cysteine which helps break down the hangover-causing toxin) in the morning instead. If it's the weekend, get as much sleep in as possible!
So there we have it loves! I guess that now I'm with bump, you guys can do all the partying on my behalf!

 Are you all set for the weekend now? Good stuff! 
Have fun & and may the fashion force be with you!
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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


What's a holiday season without a bit of give and take? I do love myself some gorgeously wrapped gifts... and I do like to partake in taking time with my crafty box of goodies to get presents wrapped just-so. Unfortunately my box of goodies (ribbons, lace, beads, glue gun etc) is elsewhere so I've had to make do with just the usual wrapping paper & gift bow.

It's no different here on A Brit Greek blog, this December, i've included more inspiration for this years 'Beautifully Wrapped' series. Enjoy!

 Colour coded gift wrap

Something for the Mr & Mrs...

 A simple Glitter bow and chevron striped paper. LOVE!

 Doillies and brown paper, lovely contrast.
 Buttons, baubles, corsages.... whatever you can can your mitts on, use it!
 Red and white twine, cannot get enough of this stuff, it's just screams Christmas!

 So this is how it's done!!! The bow de-constructed!
A Christmas tree made from presents! 
via here & images above via &

More inspiration from the Beautifully Wrapped series: 2011 & 2010

So, have you been naughty or nice this year???
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Friday, 7 December 2012


Super fun colours! via here

Well hello and Happy Friday lovelies! I'm in that mood where I just wanna have fun, it is Friday after all, but the best thing about ce soir, is that it's one of my best chums birthday today. Each year I have missed celebrating with her, so tonight there's gonna be a lot of making up to do!

Here's to a Happy Fabulous Weekend!
Sunday will be spent with the girls, no doubt gossiping, eating delicious treats and catching up with an old friend who has flown in from Canada. Good times and good company.
via Classy-and-style.tumblr

My bump is well and truly starting to show & i'm beginning to have issues of what the heck to wear! I'm major need of a closet over haul, but I'm going to see which bits I can re-style and work into my existing wardrobe and basically layer everything. I seem to be doing okay with leggings but it is getting excruciatingly cold. I managed get my first pair of 'eat all you want (maternity) jeans' yesterday from GAP, let's see if they fall down to my ankles after a couple of wears or not!

My lovely bestie sent this through to me the other day... and yet it couldn't be more appropriate for now!

Anyhow, still no idea what i'll wear tonight, but I will definitely work some red lippy magic & maybe some statement bling!

Top knots and plenty of bling... now that's fabulous!
via Glamchiclife.tumblr
 Leather shorts over a pair of tights for winter... that could work! Well..., maybe not for me, but hey...

Chunky plait and sequins... So pretty

via Pinterest

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, wherever you are, whatever you're doing have fun!
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