Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The getaway: London Calling

Excuse me whilst i dash off to London for a while... by the time you're reading this i'll be probably running out the door. I'm beyond excited about this short trip, can't wait to see family & friends, yippee!
More than likely i'll be eating up London and getting my dose of heavy rain (predicted for Saturday), but that won't keep me from smiling!

images above via coco+kelley

image via Marie Claire on 'Who wore it best?'

I leave you all on this note, that I am slowly falling madly, deeply in love with all things Peter Pilotto, he is a major talent and is the only thing you should wear when it comes to red carpet events. Love, love, love his use of colour (esp. pops of colour on grey as seen in RTW SS10), prints, twisting and draping of fabrics and the fabulous dress above as worn by Lisa Snowden and Kate Bosworth. If you check out Net-a-Porter they're already sold out!

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Life is Beautiful

Kalimera & good morning folks!

I can barely see as i'm typing this as my eyes are like golfballs this morning thanks to Spring allergies... crikey! This week (and it's only Tuesday) has been an interesting week already and i feel like I'm slowly gathering a Greek fashionista blog community which is so lovely. The transition of moving from one country to another where you barely know the language or anyone at all was kinda scary at first but i'm getting there a year and a bit down the line!

Anyhoos, i just want to put it out there that I appreciate anyone visiting this blog, which is simply a little place for me to put my wish-lists, favourite things and inspiration in a very wide context for your viewing pleasure & mine as a matter of fact! I forget easily & at times I can be a complete muppet on the mac - i once deleted all my bookmarks when i uploaded a new version of Firefox - that's just plain silly right?!

This morning I wanted to share this print with you, via the amazing Blah Blah Blahg whose blog is filled with cuteness (see Monday's post), crafts, design & free downloads if you love your prints/graphics like i do! The creative Miss B is behind the blog is also creator of The Bright Side Project where you can check out anything style, decor, design related. Get your freebie print now & frame it on your wall!

Huge Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, 26 April 2010

Calling all Fashionistas: International deliveries

Man, i love ASOS! For those who aren't familiar with this amazing (and most successful) independent online fashion & beauty retailer, it stands for 'As seen on screen' - whatever you see on Posh, Cheryl, Nicole Ritchie, Mossy & Co, you're likely to be able to buy an ASOS.com version (not forgetting at a fraction of the price). Genius really and a huge Godsend.
NB: I have now noticed though, that they don't really write who the dress or product is in the style of anymore and the list of celebs that used to be in the side bar...

Launched back in 2000 and starting out with their own brand of clothing, this e-tailer has grown from strength to strength, stocking well over 35 brands (fashion & beauty), contemporary and also selected designer brands too. Everything about the website is just plain brilliant and so is the delivery too. They now send international (to US, North Canada from $8-$14 delivery fee, for Europe see above pic) & stock one of my fave beauty brands Soap & Glory! Yippeee!

I personally haven't tried out an international delivery to Greece yet, only because my recent transaction with a well known Arcadia Group brand let me down massively. My beautiful delivery was lost in the Greek post or stolen, who knows, so they had to refund me after i hadn't received anything after 4 weeks! For those of you fashionistas Greece side, this website is worth checking out, admittedly the own brand range of fashion (ASOS shoes and clothes) quality is only so-so, it's worth checking out the designer brands. I picked up 5 t-shirts for Mr.Perseus recently - different well known labels for what would have cost me an arm and a leg in Attica dept. store in Athens.
The website is packed with all things yummy - from style advice to the magazine with celeb interviews, trends etc etc... enjoy!
marc by Marc Jacobs cross town stripe buckle silk playsuit 268.75 euros
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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dangerously Delicious

Look at these pretty little lovelies! Delish aren't they? River Island have teamed up with young designer, Sophia Grace to create this special collection of fancy footwear. Love the cute bows, leopard print mix & of course anything pink!
I think this young lady will be one to watch over the next few years, it's high time Cordwainer's brought out new talent!

Next up on the delish list is this sweet little creation for my friends birthday! Hope she likes it!

This is my first attempt in making a layered flower with lots of petals, not bad eh? I so need to get some silver edible dust on those edges, it'll look even more prettier then.
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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Happy Damn Friday! Friday Funnies

It's Friday, which means I usually drop my friends an email to help kick start their weekend with a smile! Today is no exception, but it is St. Georges day, so Xronia Polla!!!

I know this is way old, but this brilliantly hilarious advert from Cadbury's (via Glassandahalffull, Youtube)never fails to make me laugh, especially the extreme close-up & balloon mixing bit!

I have to admit that having our school photo taken at primary school was just like this - well the set up anyway - grey marbled backdrop, a bench so that you and your sibling can sit together... I'd show you the evidence but i don't think my brother would appreciate it.

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Random Reminiscing: La Cambodge

Last night i was getting my daily fix over at Brooklyn Limestone, her recent visit to S.E Asia & post got me in a 'aaah, remember those days when....' moment. That and also how far digital cameras have come along! The quality of these pictures would have been way better had there been the existence of 3mega pixels back then! Ha ha!

I'm suppposed to be doing something else right now, so i shall begin my day with a fair bit of procrastination!!!

I remember my travelling days like it was yesterday, but of course it was a million moons ago. My experience in Cambodia was amazing and interesting and overwhelming too. If you ever go to the 'Killing Fields' or 'S-21 prison camp' you'll know what i mean. Cambodia is a real anchor for tourism especially the temples - Angkor Wat being the daddy of them all - my friends did a 3 day tour and hired our own tuk tuk (little motorized rickshaw) from our Guest House manager (don't get me started on Mr. Lee-he was hilarious!) so we got him to pick us up at some obscene hour - 4.30am i think it was, to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat on one day - see piccie (above) it was well worth it!

Anyhow, that one day was the best day ever, my friends and i ran into another load of Aussie friends (drive by tuk tuk moment)who we'd met in Vietnam and also the mother of all highlights has to be running into Mick Jagger at Ta Prohm (famous for Angelina's kick ass scenes in Tomb Raider movie). "I Die" - I mean holy banana's of all people you just don't randomly run into Rock Stars (and i luuurve the Rolling Stones). Sir Mick was lovely, but declined a photo opp with me of course due to the fact the temple was going to be packed with other tourists in a nano second - i'd caught him in a little nook with his personal bodyguard (dressed in black and ready to kill), his agent and a tour guide. I have to admit he was dressed like a lady-boy in yellow/orange sari covering up his face - but i know that swagger and those lips from anywhere!
What a day....that and the fact that it was of course el scorchio!

Ta Prohm - with it's oversized tree roots - i was totally wee size compared to them!
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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Style Icon: Grace Kelly

More on this later...but i can't wait to go check out the exhibition at the V&A Museum - that's if i manage get a flight home next week.

These are the additional and fabulous images from Net-a-porter, they've done an awesome spread on Grace Kelly. She was such style icon of the 50's and despite what people have written about her, i think she is an elegant and timeless beauty. If you take a closer look, she never really wore racy or dressed overly adventurous, everything was covered up and concealed but if anyone could pull this off it was Grace - she wore fashion beautifully. Simple as that. Oooh and if you love Hitchcock movies like i do, check out 'Dial M for Murder' (1954) featuring the lovely Grace Kelly (not the one with Gwynnie).

images via net-a-porter
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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I want Cake: Gorgeous dessert table setting

isn't this just the most divine thing you ever saw?

Holy Banana's! I recently discovered Amy Atlas Events via Made By Girl (daily read), and put it this way i spent forever salivating over the serious goodness & eye candy on her website and blog. This lady is super talented and creative, check out the above dessert table setting she did for Brides Magazine amongst other table settings. I don't usually have a thing for table settings, just cake & candy love really, but the turquoise and pretty pink really got to me. Love it! You can hop over to Amy's blog to see other mouth watering goodness and behind the scenes shots via here.

Yum, Cake pops. Love the soft pink and green tones here

Hello Birdy! Love the hanging pom poms! This was actually a birthday party in Melbourne, see link here for all the other fab images!

Be warned once you click onto Amy's website or blog, you'll be there for ages - don't let your boss catch you drooling!

images via Made By Girl & Amy Atlas
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Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday Morning Lust

The hayfever has already kicked off and I feel double yuck, have gone through countless 'Big' boxes of tissues and my nose could seriously rival Rudolph's right now. Crikey! The only thing getting me through my morning are these yummy images.

I'm partial to a bit of Chinoiserie, but i have to say, this amazing cushion caught my eye with pink graphic stencil detailing - what a way to bring out the modern in something classically traditional. You can find more cushions via this link here.

image via inside avenue

This yellow Hollywood Regency Table lamp is just gorgeous - I want it please!!!! Definitely on my Wish list. My recent obsession with all things Hollywood Regency doesn't end here, check out the Jonathan Adler Butlers tray table below! Sigh!

Last of all, i came across this image of a totally organised and delicious dream closet via Canadian House & Home. I would love a walk in wardrobe with all the extra's too, try your luck here to win your dream closet makeover ($5,000 by California Closets) filled with a $5,000 worth of fashion by Bayview Village! Ok, i'm not not exactly state side, so can't enter into this, but a girl can dream.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010


YES, you did read this information correctly. I read about this in Grazia and thank you to Selfridges (London) for launching the World's largest shoe department this September. As i haven't to Selfridges since my last UK visit i have no idea where that's going to take place but i so cannot wait. This is going to be like every girls dream!!!! I die!!!! Lots of amazing brands have been promised - from Rodarte to Stella McCartney and Givenchy. Yippee!

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Outnet has crashed after 1 hour

Very excited... but once i tried to get onto the outnet many times after i received the infamous email about the £1 item sale started this is what happened! There had better be stuff left or i will definitely be one unhappy Friday fashion bunny.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Seascape: Camber Sands, East Sussex

It's ever so slightly gloomy in Athens today, don't know if it's the economic situation we're in or the fact the sun has disappeared and it has been super sunny all week... but what's keeping me smiling today is reminiscing about a shoot I did at this amazing location this time 2 years ago at Camber Sands in East Sussex. Check out the pics below and you'll want to rent out the private apartment bit.

You know how fashion trends come around so quickly - well we adapted this area for our cool tribal/military chic part of the shoot.

I remember the sun coming in the morning - this was where we did hair and make up - perfect lighting.

Ah, the kitchen, fully stocked- but we actually went for the catering which was sensational & healthy.

We also got a great nautical shoot - how versatile is this place?

The bedroom in the private apartment - dreamy stuff.

The bedroom - what a view!
images via here & my own
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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Greek style icon in the making?

One of the most popular Greek actresses impressed me on Sunday with a puff sleeve (note that no two sleeve styles are the same) cleavage flaunting LBD. Zeta Makripoulia's sunny personality shone through her satin number whilst presenting Dancing with the stars-Greece, and her sky scraper shoe boots took centre stage - they were awesome! Sadly i didn't manage to capture a piccie in time... Zeta already has a fashion campaign with Raxevsky SS10 appearing in their catalogue - it's a bit cheesy, but i think she'd look great styled in high end fashion.

image via here

Cool LBD or what?
images above via Antenna
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