Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Steak House night: Oro Toro

Hangovers are so bad I can barely type this. A bloody Mary is what I need right now to sweat out whatever it was I consumed. I love meat, which helps considering I'm based in Greece now and dinner here is usually meat, cheese and wine. Although having said that I do prefer that option at least once a week and the majority of the time, food with high water content is consumed on a more regular basis - much healthier too.

So for all you meat lovers, this is the place for you - Oro Toro, an amazing Steak House with a great vibe, fantastic food and service. They have 2/3 restaurants in Athens but the word is on the street, is that they're expanding fast with perhaps another 3 or 4 more restaurants lined up.

What's so good about this place? Well, the way the meat is cooked for a start. The owners were really taken by the grilling techniques of the Parillas in Buenos Aires. Yup this is like an Argentinian Steak House with excellent meat. We tried the Cowboy steak and also a fusion dish with rib eye steak and chilli & lime prawns. I don't know much about Steaks and Steak Houses, but I enjoyed the experience and the food and a French bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pape - one of my faves...

I've been to a few Argentinian Steak Houses dotted around London such as the Gaucho Grill (impeccable service too), La Pampa Grill in Clapham & Santa Maria Del Sur - where the food is practically cooked in front of you - mouthwatering stuff especially when you're hungry. Want to check out more info on Steak Houses in London, UK? The Steak Club blog are in search of the best Steak in London ever, with full on reviews based on 6 key things (Steak, Venue, Menu, Wine, Waitress & Value) in which they rate out of 10 (except for the steak which is rated out of 10 then x5). Anyhow, let's hope they find this heavenly Steak House.
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