Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Donatella cancels Versace for H&M's Daily News shoot for Real Women

Hello lovelies! How are we all? I'm sorry it's been a while...

This mornings bit of reading about Donatella Versace 'cancelling a Daily News shoot featuring real New York women' because they 'did not fit her branding' caught my eye... It's pretty outrageous, since they gave an initial go-ahead for the shoot but was later told that 'Donatella is not likely to approve shooting on real women'. Turns out, two of the three proposed women were rejected by one of Versace's publicists.
For someone who has a global luxe branding, I don't think she's sending a particularly good message for good fashion folks out there and also, H & M is a global brand for like everyone, as in real people shop there.

The last I heard is that these women will be featured in a Cocktail Party themed shoot in tomorrow's The Daily News dripping in clothes by Michael Kors, Asos, Betsey Johnson & Bloomingdales.

So will you be buying any pieces from the Versace for H& M collection? Thoughts on a postcard please!

images via Getty & Dailymail
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