Friday, 18 January 2013


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Welcome to Friday lovelies! Another week flies by and I get some seriously great news! Turns out BFF is also pregnant and about 2 months behind me! How amazing?

You all know how I love statement necklaces like crazy, well I also love delicate, dainty chains in the same base metal layered for everyday wear too. The best thing about layering delicate chains is that you can mix with more dramatic looking ones with different detail, pendant and even texture or wear just two or three delicate strands which will look equally just as striking.
I did a quick recce on Etsy and discovered that I'm am absolutely loving the above via Kei Jewellery, the 24 carat gold arrowhead above is simply fabulous. Also above is the crystal quartz drop 14k gold necklace.
Other faves from Kei Jewellery:
Left: 1. Gold Vermeil Clover necklace, 2. Not on sale 3. Raw Turquoise 14K gold filled necklace.
Centre: 1. Sideways Gold cross necklace. 2.Not on sale 3. Crystal Marquise pendant necklace
Right: 1. Gold hand of Fatima 2. not on sale 3. Gold arrowhead necklace.

Did I mention that you won't break the bank with none of these picks?
I'm also very tempted to shop the entire collection of BK & JIO on Etsy too (above).
From top left:

If you not sure what length necklace chain you're after, this illustrated guide will help!
via Google Images.

No collar should be left unadorned, what's your style?

Happy weekend everyone one, may the super sparkly force be with you!
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