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Just as I'm totally & utterly crazy about the outfits/wardrobe in Mad Men,  I'm also one for going gaga over stunning uniform attire, air stewardess uniforms being rather high on my nostalgic craze list.
Back in the day, many airlines worked with couture designers to create their uniforms to make a fashion statement in the sky, with many high profile designers today continuing to make airline uniforms as luxurious, stylish and reflective of the Airlines brand as much as possible.
I think Daisy looks groomed to perfection & rather fabulous, no?
Credits:  Daisy Lowe photographed by Rankin for British Airways High Life Magazine. 
Make-up by Andrew Gallimore at CLM. 
Hair by Nick Irwin. Nails by Zarra Celik at CLM. 
Styled by Anna Hughes-Chamberlain

Images above via Daily Mail

TV personality Kirsty Gallacher and BA cabin crew model vintage air hostess uniforms. Kirsty wears a 1974 Hardy Amies design, alongside the current uniform by Julien Macdonald and a 1967 BOAC paper dress, which air stewardesses wore on flights between NY to the Caribbean.

via here
BOAC Boeing 707 First Class, 1960s
via The Telegraph
I think flying back in the 'Mad Men' era was way more fun, I mean the sky girls were dressed by Emilio Pucci, there were piano bars onboard, people actually dressed up and were served gourmet food... or real food anyway. I suppose we all just have to pay the price for the ticket to get that kinda service these days and it sure ain't cheap.
PSA outfits from the 60's, just how much fun? Loving the short hemlines, although not sure how practical they were! 
via here
Way back in the day, air stewardesses were qualified/registered nurses, had to be young, unmarried, be under a certain weight and at least 5ft 4" or had to have 'Barbie like proportions', crazy no? Well they all had the opportunity to travel the world and look glam, which girl didn't dream of being a stewardess back then? Besides, you could even wear an outfit like the below...
I am so kidding of course! Nevertheless, the phwoarrrr factor here is off the charts.
Image via here
An example of the kind of service you received back in the 70's and tropical uniform, perhaps representative of Hawaiian Airlines?
via here
Southwest airline 1970's - ticket sales increased dramatically, I wonder why?!
via here
BA uniform - the conservative pant suit from 1977-1985 replaced the more flamboyant fashion of shorter hemlines from the 60's & hotpants from the 70's.
Images above via Telegraph
Lufthansa uniforms from 1938-1979 
via here
A stewardess' uniform has changed so dramatically over the years, from functional & conservative to bright, colourful fashion statements, drop dead sexy and right back to chic & sophisticated. What are your fave uniforms and what do you think of fashion in the skies? Would you have preferred to flown back then or now service-wise?

I couldn't resist but leave you with a super smoking hot TV Ad - it's the James Bond of TV adverts (quite literally) from the geniuses at Virgin Atlantic & their awesome team. If you can't view it due to restrictions, click here to take you directly to Youtube.

Have a happy weekend loves & Happy Easter!
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