Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Party on Princess! Part deux

Hello lovelies, I have more fantastic frock fashion fixes for you! Enjoy!
(nb: nearly everything sourced has international delivery)
I have a really wide & open taste when it comes to dresses, be it for a party or special events, I always want to feel comfortable first and foremost in what I'm wearing, look spectacular and show just the right amount of 'look at me'.

Depending on my mood and my rather schizophrenic style/personal taste, I tend to pick out colour rather than going with an understated little black dress. But most of the time these days I struggle with a large number of options for getting dressed up! I can never decide or make snap decisions! It drives Mr. Perseus nuts!
Anyhow, I hope some of these picks inspire and help you 'steal the show' during the festive season.
I'm not done yet darlings! There's more to come, I promise!
all images via corresponding fashion outlets as mentioned above
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