Sunday, 28 November 2010

Smouldering Scarlett

Christmas is only a hop, skip and a jump away, so it's not surprising to have the high street brands catch our attention with stunning ad campaigns. Currently feeling Scarlett in the Mango Christmas Campaign! But...

Whilst I love Scarlett and her red-carpet looks, I think she's quite an interesting choice to represent a fashion brand, as I don't particularly see her as an inspiring 'style/fashion icon'. She does look gorgeous as ever in all the campaigns along with Olivia Palermo (who has impeccable style), they have clearly injected an ounce of coolness to the brand.
Anyhoos, I'm feeling a bit divided about this shoot- if it's it a bit bland and not exciting enough for a festive collection (I haven't seen the whole campaign yet, mind), at least Johansson has brought a little something to the shots I suppose.

Have any of you had enough of seeing celebs front campaigns etc and would prefer to see real models and more original ad concepts? OR Are you really not bothered and only want to look at gorgeous pictures and gorgeous starlets?

Ok, I'm rambling about stuff again, but now pondering what this ad campaign would have looked like if you threw Katie Grand into the mix! She would have done a heck of a job styling for sure!


Have a great week lovelies!
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