Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Night Hot Hair: Tousled beach waves

The weekend is upon us folks, so I guess i'll be grabbing a frock and sky high heels as I officially go celebrate my 5th year anniversary with Mr. Perseus later. Yay!!! I'm really feeling the summery vibe of sexy, wavy hair for ce soir, I don't know why, but tousled hair just makes me feel utterly good. What do you think?

What I love so much about wavy hair is that it doesn't have to be polished or neat affair, the messier & tousled the better, well that's how I like it anyway! Oh, and it even looks good with shorter hair too, Alexa Chung is proof!

I have super straight hair, so naturally I've loved the idea of waking up with wavy hair! There are so many ways of achieving this look and it's also easier if you don't have squeaky clean hair, day old is best to work with (unless you already have naturally curly hair).

Au Naturel:
I've spent the day at the beach and sea and scraped my hair back and twisted my hair into high bun when it's semi-dry, I let it loose for natural curls & waves. The salt from the sea adds texture and volume, talk about effortless style.

You can always plait your towel dried hair and leave to dry.
Spritz with hairspray accordingly.

Using styling tools:
First I spray a little 'Toni & Guy's Iron-it Defence spray', so as to not cook my hair.
Next, I sectioned my hair (divide into 3/4 parts) then I took a 1" (approx) piece of hair and wrapped it around the barrel of my curling tongs, leaving the ends unclipped so it doesn't leave a kink mark. (I used a large barrel hair tong Boots UK for my curls). Spritz hair spray all over and pulling through a wide paddled brush and comb through with fingers to loosen sections of curls.

If you're not loving the OTT-ness of the curls or the volume, you can run your fingers through with a little serum/straightening balm or spritz some leave-in hair conditioner through, giving it a little scrunch here and there.

Not enough volume on top? - Flip your hair upside down and also work some hair spray into the roots, massaging well, so you don't get thick hairspray clumps, and don't hold the it so close to the roots! When you've got the style you want, go mad on the hairspray to lock in place!

If you're going to do this on freshly washed hair, it's best to work some mousse or styling/holding product on your hair first - from root to tip, brush/comb through. Wrap sections of hair around a large round brush and blow dry. Unravel gently. Comb through with fingers to loosen and serparate the curls.

I love leaving wavy hair for the next day, it's the undone and care-free kinda look that rocks for me.

Here are some of my fave hair hero's rocking waves and beach hair!

I love that Leighteon Meester's look is not mega curly here and more kinda undone to show off her two-tone hair. See, Alexa looks pretty good, no?

I think Kate and Drew both have a natural curl to their hair, so styling for them will probably involve working with blow dried hair and re-worked with styling tools.

Loving Lily and Rachels loose, textured waves!

Right gorgeous people, I hope your weekend is tip-top fantastic! Remember to...

Images edited via me, Instyle, Just Jared, Popsugar, Glamour & lino print by Funnelcoud @ Etsy
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