Friday, 25 May 2012

A Tally of Two Cities Illustrated: Je L'aime!

A while ago, I fell in love with these incredibly minimalist & colourful illustrations by Vahram Muratyan's blog Paris vs New York: A tally of two cities. Take a peek at these and you'll see why! What a fantastic illustrative journal.

After reading his interview in Black Book Mag here (it's a great read), I totally understood how he feels in terms of being torn by two cities he loves dearly. I can't really make that comparison with Athens and London, these are two major cities with so much cultural differences & history that go way onto another level.

The weekend is upon us, so of course I'm going to leave you guys with something fun to watch! My BFF sent this and said that there should be a Pinball parking in Athens - how much fun eh?!

Have a super duper sparkly weekend lovelies!

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