Thursday, 19 July 2012

YSL's 'Devoted to Fans' Facebook inspired Eyeshadow

When I first heard that YSL were launching a new eyeshadow palette inspired by Facebook, I had to re-read the headliner again! Incroyable! Yes, it's for real peeps! Die hard fans will have to be quick as only a small number has been produced & will be sold via their Facebook page here. The "Devoted to Fans" palette launches today in four shades; black, violet, white, and the signature blue Facebook shade.
"Speaking about YSL’s Facebook palette, Damien Vincent, Commercial Director of Facebook France said: "We are honoured that a prestigious brand such as Yves Saint Laurent [is using] Facebook colour codes to launch a unique product destined for his fans.”  - via here.
 What do you think lovelies? Like? Or no Likey? ;)

I thought this was an interesting take on beauty inspiration and collaborations, til I read about a scent being created for Apple Macbook Pro - as in, there's a company out there trying to capture the whiff of a freshly boxed Macbook Pro... Close your eyes now and picture the smell of cardboard, plastic, glue & ink all rolled into one... mystifying, not. 
Hmmm, perhaps we can all engage in a bit of computer sniffing at our local PC world/Kotsovolos/Target/Mac World, just ask them to bring you out a new box. Anyhoos, it appears the world of beauty has gone loca loca...

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