Thursday, 13 June 2013


Well hey there loves! Wow it seems like an absolute eternity since I logged into Blogspot since little Alfie was born. Aside from the fact that my daily life now consists of being a milk machine for the wee one with endless changes of frighteningly scary looking dirty nappies (-not so scary though now mind) and major lack of sleep.
My brain is slowly absorbing news & catching up with all things fabulous from the outside world (I swear it isn't completely contaminated by the goss & ridiculous features from the mailonline!) For your information, my week hasn't been totally dull. I did try on some pre-pregnancy jeans for a laugh to see if I'd actually fit into a pair so I wouldn't have to splash out in the upcoming sales!

As it happens our summer appears to have disappeared and all that we're left with this week is a resolutely grim & rather grey looking Blighty. Being a new mum means that looking great hasn't been priority number one over the past two weeks, but with visitors on the increase one has gotta make the effort & look a little less like tired, weary mum right? For make up in a hurry I usually just prep with BB cream, some fuchsia blush & a dollop of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream or Cherry Flavoured Carmex on my lips, but I fancy something else to brighten up my look & day with something colourful & vibrant and what's quicker than a splash of poptastic colour on your lips?
I loved Lancomes Juicy tubes when they first came out so no doubt I'll absolutely love the brand new range - Gloss in Love   following the success of their Rouge in Love collection. Did you see that first pic of plump glossy lips? Hmmm, yes SOLD!
I think the Scarlett -165, Violet - 383 & Flash n' Fuschia - 391 are my faves.
These luscious Lip glosses all have a super smooth ultra comfort texture, moisturising lips for up to 6 hours & have a signature vanilla scent with a fruity cocktail kick. Yum!
Lancomes Rouge in Love lipstick range also consists of 9 new lip shades & 4 more colour popping Vernis in Love nail shades. Have any of you tried anything from this range?

What's your beauty quick fix for unexpected visitors or for freshening up your current look/make up routine in a jiffy? 
Also, I'm pretty sure some of you have tried those chunky, chubby lip pencil/crayons, which brand did you love? Revlon, Clinique, Stila, Nars, Maybeline, Max Factor, Urban Decay, Soap & Glory, Boots No.7, Hard Candy & Laqa & Co?
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