Friday, 24 May 2013


Whilst I look outside the window, all I see is grey and gloom, but these little beauties have lifted my spirit - well... that and some oogling at vacation/beach spots on Pinterest! 
I really cannot wait for the UK to have a long spell of sunshine and warmth and even though I might not be able to strut about in shorts for a while, I thought I'd share some super cool craftista action in this ever popular summer crochet/lace shorts tutorial below. But if you can't be bothered, you can always pick up a lovely pair on the high street.

Get crafty loves and make your own lace shorts!
DIY Gorgeous shorts via here

Looks easy enough, strips of beautiful lace - mark out how many layers you're going to need and if you have enough lace, fabric glue (although I would also hand-stitch the panels on just in case-top edge only!) and a pair of jersey shorts/hotpants.

Lusting after these...

1. Denim shorts with crochet inset via Zara TRF £22.99
2. DSquared Denim & lace shorts via Farfetch £357
3. Did you cut your denim shorts too short? Butt overhang is not a good look. Anyhoos, have no    
    fear, you can always rectify by sewing in larger lace/broderie insert pieces. Image via here
4. Limited collection Pure Cotton Crochet shorts by M&S £29.50 - also available in cream
5. Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Lace shorts £124.95 via Farfetch
6. Parisian cream layered crochet shorts by New Look £19.99

Yay for the long weekend! I hope your weekend sparkles and shines. Have fun lovelies!
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