Glorious Greece, who wouldn't want to move somewhere with months of endless sunshine, frappe's, breathtaking beaches, azure seas, scrumptious food, spectacular islands and culture? I remember the last days on the soggy shores of Britain as clear as day, yes there were a few final plea's from BFF's not to go but I had to. I'd fallen in love and gotten super tired of flying back and forth for more than two years.

Every love story is beautiful but this one is my favourite, here's the skinny on why I made the Big Fat Greek Move!

Looking back, I did think 'OMG, what am I doing?'. Dealing with homesickness, a completely different culture & language were all a bit too much at first, but Mr. Perseus did a fine job of supporting me & making me feel right at home. 
Are you on a plane about to make your Big Fat Greek move? Nervous, excited, not sure?
Don’t worry, have a glass of vino (krasee) or shot of tsipouro first whilst pondering this. 

Perhaps some of these awesome tips on making the Big Fat Greek Move, might help you on your way.

I'm constantly, unintentionally fudging my way through the Greek language...

I sure love a good margarita! I sometimes get commissioned to design cakes and was once asked by my pethera (Mother-in-Law) if I could make some 'margarita's - white and yellow', I was like 'sure, of course, I can make it with white and gold tequila but what does this have to do with cakes?' I had no idea it was a daisy!!! LOL!
Most recently I was just writing out my grocery list when my pethera called and asked if I needed anything from the market as she was passing by... I was like yes please! Really wanted to make an old time fave winter warming dish - cauliflower cheese... instead of asking for cauliflower (kounoupeethia/κουνουπίδια) I somehow very absent-mindedly asked if she could pick some mosquitos (Kounoupia/κουνούπια) up. I immediately realised what I'd said and we both burst out laughing. Well, at least she got it!


This page is in no way complete, but I thought I'd make a start and perhaps even share some of my language mishaps that have had people in fits of giggles (so long as they know I'm not offending anyone on purpose) and misadventures as an ex-pat. 

I realise at the time of writing this, a lot has happened in Greece and during the very few years I've been here I've seen a radical change. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the situation here is frankly a bit tough for everyone living here as the economic crisis deepens... I can only wish and hope for a better future for Greece.

Wild Rose Villa, Kefalonia overlooking the infamous Myrtos Beach via

It's been a while since I updated this page, but I wanted EVERYONE to know that Greece, despite it's issues battling the economic crisis, is a SAFE travel destination. 

The ugly rumours and horrific things you may have read in the media is about the biggest LIE & the biggest BS ever. Call it propaganda, call it misrepresentation, whatever, don't believe the hype everything you read in the papers loves. 

Those hysterical scenes you've seen on TV and images of rioting, anti-austerity demonstrations etc in Athens are blown way out of proportion. I know! My family are always calling up to ask if I'm ok! For real! Just know that  just 5-10 minutes walk from the Square, folks are chilled out and enjoying a coffee in the nearby affluent neighbourhood of Kolonaki.

The rumours about food shortages? Huh? Seriously?! WTF! Greeks love their food and the villages/islands produce fresh organic produce that money can't buy elsewhere because hardly any of it has been contaminated with chemicals! Have you even tried the tomatoes here? Bet you've never tasted anything like it before!
Going to back to what I said, whatever is happening in Athens (and note it is only usually ever in Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek Parliament building) does not affect the rest of Greece. Those scenes of anger only occur when Parliament is voting over those much despised austerity measures. 
As for currency concerns, I would be extremely surprised if Greece exited the Euro... Hell would freeze over before that happens anytime soon... 

I could go on and on about just how amazing Greece is as a country from a tourist point of view, but for now enjoy some of these gorgeous pics... Greece has the best of sun (usually from May-October), crystal clear turquoise sea, Athens Riviera, Ancient mythological, hidden waterfalls near the mountains and historical sites, skiing & snowboarding in the mountains (usually from end November-March), white water rafting, wind-surfing and plenty more water sports that I bet most of you didn't know about. 
 Kathisma Beach in Lefkada - seriously no photoshop required, the sea surrounding the whole island is magnificent. (image via here)
 One of my fave places to escape to in Autumn/Winter - watching the sunset over the mountains in Arachova. Stay at luxe hotel Santa Marina Spa & resort or Tagli resort & spa. You can be at Delphi in no time too. (image via here)
Santorini - need I say more about the dramatic cliffside views & beautiful sunset over the Caldera. (Jade villa image via, The Greek Villas)

Venting over!

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