Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Road Tripping: Best of North Greece

Hey guys, hope you've all had an amazing weekend. I've finally had some catch up time to sort some bits outs, including sharing some photos of our road trip North of Greece a while back. It was a spontaneous and very random road trip as we didn't book hotels (seriously not a good thing to do in peak holiday time in Greece!) but it was a seriously fun adventure! I'm usually a planner and organizer and 4 years ago, doing a road trip without planning would have freaked me out to the nines, but having spent 2 years in Greece now, I've chilled out & become more laid back about things in life.

Some of these snaps were taken whilst we were whizzing by in the car, hence the lamp post above! I'm not so sure I would have stopped for this little stampede though!

Sunset, Elani (1st Peninsula), Halkidiki

Halkidiki near Kalithea

Ancient ruins of Dion - this was such an amazing archaeological site at the foot of Mt. Olympus, with lots of amazing uncoverings of the ancient ruins of Dion. This is the place where Alexander the Great made majestic sacrifices to Olympian God, Zeus before embarking on his great campaign in Asia. This was such a hilarious trip, as Mr. Perseus, gave me his very own history lesson, I'm totally geeked up on Alexander the Great now!

The excavation of Aphrodite's temple/sanctuary.

After visiting Dion, we ran into a different kind of a stampede, one involving lots of Vespa's, from antiques to modern one alike - I even saw a Barbie-fied one, but the camera didn't come out in time! The above shot is of a small waterfall at Elikonas River, aka one of the most ancient rivers in Pieria and also Vafiras or Ourlias River. According to mythology, this is the river where the women washed their hands of blood after having murdered Orpheus (The King of the Ciconians, is counted among the Argonauts. Orpheus practiced minstrelsy and by his songs moved stones and trees, holding also a spell over the wild beasts. He descended to the Underworld in order to fetch his dead wife, but had to return without her). The river disappeared underground and only to later resurface at Dion.

Cafe Leibhora at Mt. Olympus.

The Greek theatre, Dion with Mt. Olympus in the background
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