Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Front Row fabulousness or not?

Here we have a somewhat normal looking Mena Suvari, but skip to the other days during fashion week and what a hair shocker. Seriously girl, what were you thinking? I don't even want to go into what she's wearing, please ignore the shoes. Mena's usually such a stylish thing and honestly I have no idea what she's going for this week at NYFW, please sack the stylist!

Ratsy Birds nest?

Lovely dress, is that a pineapple spike on her head?

Rachel Zoe, in a sea of black

Good seeing ya Kirsten Dunst. Hope we see more of her this year.

Anna Wintour at Marc Jacobs, in black with super perfect hair.

Images via, nymag, Instyle, Daily Mail and Star Pulse
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