Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Seeing a different kinda Posh

I can't actually believe i'm saying this, but being a not so much of a VB fan I caught myself doing a double take on these shots of Posh Spice in Glamour. It's not the usual; pouts, stiff posing, OTT fashion or couture shots she's doing here, we're talking a shoot involving a puppy here (an accident could have happened at any point here!), more relaxed VB 'off duty' style and also a different side to VB. Will the real Victoria please stand up?
Nah, I love this shoot, it's so much fun and she looks bloody good! Love the hair & MU on the cover shot, the whole article can be found here.

Although I can't quite imagine VB getting down on her knees
and doing the housework...

all images via Glamour
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