Thursday, 11 February 2010

Newsflash: Alexander McQueen found Dead


I'm still glaring at the Newsflash from Drapers, that the quintessential bad ass, bad boy of fashion was found dead in his home today, only days before London Fashion Week commences. It's a sad and tragic loss for the fashion world, as he was definitely one of the most talented designers known for cutting edge fashion, celebrating the hourglass figure and razor sharp tailoring. We all remember the pirate/skull scarf which took off big style on the high street and a show I remember so well is the one where 2 robots spray paint a white frock on legendary Super Model Shalom Harlow on the catwalk and creating a hologram of Kate Moss, only McQueen could be that creative. Mr. McQueen you'll be missed... farewell.

images via Richard Young & you can view the spray painting action here on Youtube

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