Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday Morning Lust: Tretchikoff & Kelly

My latest addiction is all about art, artists & portraits from the 50's era. This obsession began all over again when i saw this image from Living Etc bedroom gallery. Isn't it just gorgeous? I want this portrait!!!
I was originally saving this image for another post on bedrooms (for the work blog) but the need to find out who the artist was, was eating at me. Also an old friend had two of these portraits in her old apartment (luckily for me I remembered this) so it was easy to find out who it was by.
A while ago i also posted this
pin up portrait below (on work blog) which I've seen all over the place but not really knowing who the artist was either.

Well here's the low down kids. Sir Gerald Kelly was probably more well known for his Royal portraits of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth -the Queen mother, however, it is these two portraits that put him in the spotlight.

Burmese Silk

Burmese Pearl
Kelly images & purchases via here.

These lovely portraits are the work of Vladimir Tretchikoff, which i seriously LOVE!

Chinese Girl

Miss Wong

Lady from Orient

Balinese Girl
Tretchikoff images via here.
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