Sunday, 28 March 2010

Motherhood: work/life balance

Today, I'm digging this article from the Times online about the modern woman's dilema of getting that work/life/parenting etc balance right.

They've captured some advice from different 'experts' such as the one below, what do you think?


Julia Hobsbawm, founder of the media and networking business Editorial Intelligence, and author of The See-saw: 100 Ideas for Work-life Balance. She has three children and two stepchildren, aged 5 to 20

I was hospitalised with pneumonia in 2007, when my youngest child was two and my business was very young. It was the proverbial wake-up call — I nearly died and realised I had to change my life to survive. I discovered that if I apply business tactics to my home life, I’d probably be 25% more productive in 25% less time. Multitasking is important. I’ll listen to a podcast when I’m washing up, and catch up on phone calls when I’m walking somewhere. A rigid routine is unrealistic — you need to go with the flow, but you need anchored points, like Sunday lunch and film night, for stability. I also try to have “quick quality time” with my children — one-to-one time with them is essential, and an hour spent meaningfully with a child is worth a whole day spent resentfully, or only half there. Pausing to reflect is essential to avoid muddy thinking — I have a daily bit of me time, even for 15 minutes: maybe a soak or a massage, but it has to be a total switch-off. And we have pyjama days at home. I make sure we have at least half a day when the family does nothing. It’s lovely.
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