Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Original & New Funny Girl: Jennifer Aniston pays homage to Barbara Streisand

Wow, I saw these images in Harper's Bazaar & Daily Mail this morning and had to share!!!

On another totally unrelated yet related topic of discussion is a fantastic post I read over at Beautifully Invisible on 'The Plus size and straight size debate'. One of the comments that spoke to me very much was left by Fashion Butter on how we should be more supportive of each other, rather than judging, criticizing, labeling others....
In the comments section to the Jennifer Aniston article in the Daily Mail, I was horrified by the bitter, negative and just plain horrid comments left by readers. It's OK to have an opinion or constructive criticism, but I'm just someone who doesn't feel negative/bitter opinions being aired. It's like sending bad karma/energy out there, slagging someone off just ain't cool. What kind of message is this to others? I've also seen this on a few blogs too... what's the point? Soz, i just had to get that off my chest, if you'll excuse my outburst...!

images via Harper's Bazaar for full interview click here and for all images here.

PS: I can't believe I bought a maxi dress last week, this discount code arrived in my inbox today!!! Take Advantage girls!

You may remember my
Frock Fest post for a gorgeous draped asos maxi dress.

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