Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Randomness & Stylish Blogger Award: Congratulations to....

Early morning calls usually freak me out (I always think it's bad news or someone like Miranda Priestly on the other end of the line)... I was relieved & totally ecstatic to find out that a family member has had their application for a US visa go through!!! Finally! Yay!!!!

Yup, this is me goofing around, many moons ago, doing Karate Kids "The Crane"
Venice Beach, LA

As many of you know, I do random like no other, so allow me today to vent out my extreme happiness about
this move because it's a real dream come true. This, of course means that I have a new place to visit - L.A!!!! Yippee!

Ok, so on another note, I was recently given this award from Maddie the Queen of craftista at Wardrobe Recycle. Thank you lovely!!! You are seriously awesome & this award means a lot to me but this award would have to go right back at cha girl!!!

The difficulty in receiving such awards is deciding whom to pass it onto. I'm big on sharing the love & since there are so many of you fantastic & super stylish Bloggers, readers, commenters (peeps on my sidebar/blogroll), I'm going to cheat and dedicate this 'Stylish Blog Award" to all of you!!!

A Special Mention to:

Personal Style Blogs:
Citizen Rosebud
Fashion Butter
Grit & Glamour
K Come Karolina
Leia's Delight
Pretty Pleased

Cool Photography, Editorial picks & Inspiration
Lee Oliveira
Much to my Delight
Beautifully Invisible

Greece 411:
Fashion Algorithms
Fashion Architect
Life in Athens
Life Full of Fashion
Shopping Therapy

Decisions, decisions... You guys rock!

Thanks muchly for reading and sharing the love!

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