Saturday, 22 January 2011

Victoria Beckham: Vogue covers, past & present

I recently came across the new Vogue cover featuring Victoria Beckham and couldn't help but notice how 'normal' or should I say natural looking she was in next months cover of UK Vogue. I can't wait to pick up a copy to see what the shoot inside by Alasdair McLellan looks like... please let it be high fashion and filled with classic VB poses! This will be the 6th time she's officially graced the cover of Vogue now, I wonder if there will ever be a US cover sometime in the future...

Do we like this cover? What do you think? Anyhoos, I love VB, for many reasons, she has come has come a long way since her Spice Girl days and although I still can't put her in the category of 'fully fledged designer' in my head, she is, to me a brilliant business woman with style and sass.

Vogue, UK
Feb 2011

The Spice Girls on the cover of US Vogue, Jan 1998
VB going solo and on the cover of Vogue, Spain
Feb 2004

VB looking smokin' hot in UK Vogue
April 2008

Vogue, India
Nov 2008

Vogue, Russia
Feb 2009
Vogue, Germany
May 2010
Vogue, Turkey
August 2010


One final thing, a huge thanks to The Fairytale Girl (Nana Jones) for this fab award!

Have a super stylish weekend!

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