Monday, 24 January 2011

Barefaced beauty

I recently came across a rather interesting talking point via Grazia mag about whether you let your boyfriend/other half see you without make up, so do any of you? I love make up, no, really, I love the stuff but I can't say I was ever the kinda gal who felt the urge to wake up early, rush to the bathroom and administer a full face of make up or foundation at the least before stealthily getting back under the duvet covers. Brush teeth & wash face - yes, but make up, no.
According to a study carried out by UK beauty chain Superdrug, a large number of women don't feel very comfortable going completely barefaced in front of their other halves. Whilst a third doubt that their other half wouldn't have been that interested in them if they’d been make up free when they first met. Lastly, "the average woman won’t let their boyfriend see them without make-up, until at least two and a half months into a relationship". So, how long was it before any of you went fresh faced in a new relationship?

I am frankly lucky enough to admit, that Mr. Perseus is totally cool with my make-up free days, he actually prefers me looking more aux-natural, except for when we go out to play. That's when I like to reach for the make up brushes, experiment & get make up happy!

Do you ever leave home without make up on, even if it's simply for running some quick errands or picking up some bits from the grocery store? I've seen some women go to the gym in full make-up - I never did quite understand that, since you're likely to sweat it all off! Clogged up pores, shudder!
What about in the workplace? How do you feel about not wearing any make up to work? Would any of you dare go barefaced to the office?
I suppose, depending on where you work/situation or unless you visibly don't need make up (you lucky lucky thing!), I do think it's really important to represent yourself in the best light possible, you're in a professional environment, so looking groomed, polished or put-together is a must.

If i'm having a yucky day and looking a bit blah, I have to get some Beauty Flash Balm on, along with a little blush/bronzer, eyeliner and lipgloss before I head out the front door. And if I really wanna feel good in an instant, I apply a pop of red lipstick or my fave fuschia lippy 'Girl about town' by MAC.

What are your fave make up tricks that give you an instant feel good factor?

Fantastic shoot by Catherine Servel featuring Magdalena Frackowiak for Exhibition.
Styling by Catherine Newell-Hanson, Hair by Ashley Javier and makeup by Chiho Omae

via FashionGoneRogue
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