Friday, 18 February 2011

Copy Cat Chic: Could you be the face of a 'highstreet' brand?

Well this is news to me, but it appears that Inditex group (Zara & Stradivarius) have been caught red-handed by fashion blogger's accusing them of stealing their style/copying their image from photographs they've posted for T-shirt/top designs.

Blogger Louise Ebel of notices similaries between this shot of her and the Stradivarius top on right
image via Daily Mail

Stradivarius has confirmed that they're now under investigation and Zara have since pulled the stock off from stores. (Source Daily Mail - full article here)

A few more bloggers and photographers have noticed their personal style photographs bearing an uncanny resemblance to dresses & tops by other fashion retailers and are furious that they were never asked permission or that there was never any agreement between them in the first place.

One blogger has asked the help of others to identify/figure out who the other 'fashion/style blogger's' might be in a collection of t-shirts that are based on an illustration of girl.
this be you? What if this happened to you? I almost forgot to mention photographers, as your work (street style snaps) could be used too.

Louise Ebel - again! - I think the similarities are... the same!
image via

I know that some of you who attended the IFB conference discussed copyright infringement - I missed this part - if anyone has any points to make please share!

Vahni of Grit & Glamour blog, who attended the IFB conference last week and moderated the Business of Blogging panel, has written brilliant and informative posts on both Copyright & Trademarks. Everyone should read this!

Another amazing blogger, B of Beautifully Invisible wrote this post a while back on 'Copying in the Fashion Industry' as part of Modly Chic's Friend Friday posts. Very good reads indeed.
As much as it is flattering to be plastered all over a T-shirt - it is WRONG to not have asked permission first!

Right luvvies, I hope you all have a rocking weekend? What are you all upto?
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