Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Hearts & Love day!

Wow, the weekend just flew by, did everyone have a great time? Whilst I'm battling a corker or a migraine today, I'm not going to let it spoil my V-day food festivities for Mr. Perseus. I cannot wait to cook up my fave dessert - Molten lava cakes/chocolate fondants (awesome recipe by Gordon Ramsay)! What's everyone upto today? Any surprises to share?

Anyhoos, I hope you have a fabulous day filled with love, hugs n' kisses!

I saw these gorgeous and rather delish looking bits of foodie delight over at my fave baking connoisseur - Bakerella below.

i also wanna just say:
Thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog!

image 1 - Butterscotch tarts via
Delicious Inspiration - warning delicious recipes and food pics will have you drooling!
image 2 - via Arts+Commerce by make up artist Francelle
image 3 & 4 via Bakerella
image 5 via etsy by Zom-B
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