Monday, 13 June 2011

Here's looking at you, Zeta!

Well, hey there folks! It's been a long time.... I apologize for being an absentee blogger, if not a bad, bad blogger...

I don't usually watch 'Dancing with the stars', be it the UK (Strickly come Dancing), US or Greek version, but last night was the finale for the Greek 'Dancing with the Stars', after 13 weeks... I had to see who won - kinda important and more importantly, What Zeta wore!
I caught the last hour of what has clearly been an amazing style transformation for the presenter (and actress), Zeta Makripoulia. With every episode, Zeta showed off a multitude of looks, with super styled hair and make up to match. Last year I mentioned Ms. M was one to watch in the styles stakes (in Greece), well she sure hasn't failed to disappoint in 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Check out Zeta's looks!

I heard there was inspiration (mainly hair and make up) taken from various sources, see if you can spot a few here. Helen of Troy, Marlene Dietrich, Barbie, Veronica Lake & Farrah Fawcett... Ok, now i'm making some of this stuff up! Which of these are you loving?

I'm sure some of you are loving this nude coloured ensemble in the middle here, no? I had no idea until I saw another snap, that it was a full on skin-tight jumpsuit number!

I think Giorgos Segredakis (popular stylist to the stars) played stylist here, which meant that there was a wardrobe chock full of lush names, from Raxevksy (whom Ms. M is the face of), D2quared, Louboutin, Casadei shoes, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, Kessaris (Jewellery) and Azzadine Alaia.
I am loving Zeta's Grecian Goddess look in the centre image below...oh and of course Old Hollywood Glamour above... the hair just rocks.

I am also totally flabbergasted by the awesome talented duo, Giannis Marketakis (Make up maestro) and Vasilis Bouloutasi (Hair stylist extraordinaire) who created these looks on Zeta.

I wonder what's next for Ms. M? That's all folks! I'll be seeing you soon!
Ciao Bellissime
, x.o.x.o

All photos sourced: Ant1 tv

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