Sunday, 11 December 2011

Super Stylish Reads: Perfect Christmas Gifts

I was recently asked what which book I'd love most for Christmas by Vanessa of Decadance for Divas and my mind just went completely blank... All I remembered was 'Thank God for Amazon wishlists'! That's where I save all the buys I want for a rainy day. All the above are via Amazon UK.

From top left-right:
Gucci: The Making of £29. YSL £20. True British: Alice Temperley £22.62
100 years of fashion Illustration £16.10. Tom Ford: 10 Years £45. Carine Roitfeld, Irreverent £42
Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing £12. Glamour, Making it Modern £17. Interiors Now V.2 £18

Anyhow, in answer to her question, I'd love Pictures by Tim Walker. If you don't know who he is, eeeeek! This guy is such an amazing genius of a photographer who literally creates visually mind blowing dreamscapes and imaginative modern photography. I've featured his amazing work in the 'I heart Vogue UK: The December issues' previously here, his 'Greatest show on earth' editorial was epic. He did an brilliant editorial for Vogue Italia in October here and also as usual he is Vogue UK's pick for the December Issue 2011, titled An Awfully Big Adventure. Can you tell I like his work much?

See?, highly imaginative, beautiful photography at it's best!

I've heard great things about Carine Roitfelds book, Irreverent (currently sold out on Amazon UK), which just sounds fascinating to me. This woman has worked 15 years as a stylist for French Elle, been a consultant & muse to the likes of Tom Ford at Gucci & YSL for around 6 years, plus 10 years of which she was editor-in-chief for French Vogue, where she did some magnificent things! Definitely a force not to be reckoned with!

The making of Gucci book is one super stylish read for the coffee table, I love a bit of Fashion History, which this luxe label has plenty.

One of my fave UK designers has to be Alice Temperley, I love her feminine, bohemian and glamourous designs plus her cool attitude towards life and fashion. She always looks like she's having fun too. It's hard to believe she's been on the industry for 10 years now, True British: Alice Tempereley is so on my wish list for now!

I also included 100 years of Fashion Illustration as a super stylish read - I could look at someone else's doodles all day long. My other huge crush is to do with Interior & Styling, love Jonathan Adlers work and again I could never get bored of looking at other peoples interiors and styling.

What reads do you currently have on your X-mas wish-list?

images above via, Tim Walker Photography, Alice Temperley
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