Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fashion & Fitness: Let's get physical!

via Grazia "Your medal winning work-out" - link provides top, short work-out vids! Oh and this is why I don't really do gyms, this link is hilarious for the types of peeps you find at the gym.

With spring touching down, longer days and more sunshine, I've been inspired to go running again and get fitter. For me fitness and vitality are ultra important in my life, especially in keeping my health in check, so I've been doing a bit of a recce on stylish work-out gear, something I NEVER do because I'm happy living in my American Apparel (Flex fleece) sweat pants, decent sports bra and any loose fit cotton tank top. I've never really been bowled over by designer brands or rather designer collabs for sports brands or revolutionary technology in work-out gear, but there have been a few things that caught my eye lately... including a pair of leggings that claim to reduce cellulite & help reduce fat, say whaaat? (More info below).
Nike Victory Shape Sports Bra - in 8 cols $42/£22 - Love that this comes in loads of brights colours too, has racer back detail plus adjustable straps.

Ok, now for kick ass cool stuff! I love a good pair of sweats for running and a normal pair of leggings for yoga/pilates but have never tried working out in a pair that has a good hi-tech (Dri-FIT) fabric base which prevents you from over-heating or sweating like nobody's business. I came across these two amazing pair of leggings, but what's so darn special about them?

Proskins Slim Leggings aren't just any 'ole pair of shiny looking black leggings, these are made using compression fabric (for improving athletic performance & reduction of injury) that basically targets unwanted fat! That's right, this hi-tech fabric contains retinol (to smooth & improve skin), caffeine (boost circulation), aloe vera & Vitamin E woven into the fabric, therefore moisturizing your legs, and getting rid of cellulite whilst you wear them. Crazy stuff no??? I want to know if it really works! For 50 big ones, I would hope so, otherwise you've got a stylish pair of black leggings for running/working out in. (available via Tesco, Next &

As for the Stella McCartney for Adidas collection; I've always thought Stella designed beautiful, relaxed and stylish work out gear, but what about function, fit and performance? These sleek beauties are made from ClimaLite fabric, has a back zip pocket feature and inner key pocket, doesn't have fat reducing or cellulite busting properties, but what it does have is a whopping price tag - £70, ouch! You can find more budget friendly leggings via Nike/Adidas - Nike Turnover leggings £34. Are there any other brands worth me checking out?

Loving this new wide stipe tank from Adidas new Originals collection and their Trefoil logo large shopper, the perfect size for a weekend getaway or stashing your workout gear in.

There's nothing more important than decent, well-made and comfortable training shoes, so I always make sure I invest in a good pair. I've been walking loads recently and my trusty Nikes have kept me going for quite some time now. 8km per day is pretty good exercise no?

1. Nike Lunar Eclipse 2, £90
2. Adidas Supernova Glide 4 £90
3. For those of you who Zumba/dance these are perfect: Nike Musique $65
4. Adidas LA trainer £65

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Wishing you all a Happy International Womens Day!
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