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Welcome to the new week loves! I hope you've had a lovely and well rested weekend!

This weekend Mr. Perseus and I went on a mini road trip with some friends and ended up at Eden Beach, Anavyssos along Athens fabulous Riviera (en route to Cape Sounio - most southern point of the Athens peninsula, where the Temple of Poseidon lies).
It had been a good few years since we headed as far along the coast as this since we usually head towards Vougliameni or Varkiza way for beach action, depending on traffic. We did a pit stop at my favourite bakery/patisserie, or what I call the 'gateway to food heaven- Georgiadis for pastries, fresh bread & snacks before driving further along the coast. When we arrived at our destination I was welcomed with crystal clear waters and a cool breeze... simply perfect.

Jetskiing, canoeing, pedal boating- it was all there for hire & the rocks for those who wanted to go snorkelling. I swam pretty far out to discover just how clear the sea was and I could see stright to the bottom of the ocean and catch the odd school of fishes swimming excitedly undenearth my feet. 

Oh, I ought to mention at this point that I have a slight obsession with clifftop/hillside homes with ocean-views... See that first pic, on the top to the right? There was this amazing home with dark wood beams, white walls & floor to ceiling windows that led out onto a huge terrace and steps down toward the sea... all very dreamy stuff. I couldn't actually see the house from the front only the side facade, til I swam right out to get a whopping view of the back of the house. Sigh!

Delicious apple pie from famous Georgiadis patisserie. They have such amazing breads, gateaux/mini slices of cakes and the BEST Creme Brulee ever! The Mr. & I rarely go bananas over anything but sweet treats, so we often have a field day whenever we pop in there. If you're ever heading that way you have to pull up and taste a little bite of heaven!

Ok, now it's time to show off some Greek-style hillside homes that I adore! I'm saving one of my favourites til last as there's a 'lil story that goes-with!
Image via Vangelis Paterakis home #231 - This guy has shot some of the most stunning homes ever, including the one below!

This amazing clifftop home on the Greek Island of Kea, belongs to childrenswear designer Eva Karagiannis, more pictures via here.
 Below: Gorgeous 'Dolce' villa for rent in Mykonos via here. Who's gonna join me one day? Blogger get together?
In the day and sunset below... gorgeous no? I would just lie on those beds all day...

Now onto my dream home... Wild Rose Villa in Kefalonia.
Whilst I was on a bit of a mission Googling  & oogling clifftop homes, I came across this one and was seriously blown away... you'l have to hit the link above to see this place in it's full glory... and Pin away folks, you know you wanna! 
Uninterrupted view of Myrtos Beach via Villuxe

So I was giving this place another once over and to my shock I realised just which property this was after seeing the photo below. It was the place I'd been eyeing up everyday when I was in Kefalonia a few years back. Everytime we drove past I had the urge to scream stop, jump out of the car and bang impolitely on the large grey iron plated gates to demand they open the door to me for a proper lustful once over! I wanted to pretend I was someone from Living Etc or House Beautiful so I could see what was behind those high walls and iron gates! All I knew was that it had to be pretty impressive, since the infamous Myrtos beach was to the left (where it's impossible to take a crap photo btw) and views of my favourite place, Assos to the right!
Of course I tried to take photos (really tricky on that short, narrow bend-there's nowhere to stop) and all I got was the front gates! Ha!

image via here
Wouldn't mind this view of the clouds with my Greek pastries & coffee in the morning sat in the jacuzzi hanging over the cliff edge.

Isn't this villa to-die for? It's an eye-watering amount of money to rent out weekly, not to mention there are concierge services included, such as yacht charters & in-house chef! But hey, one day folks! For now a girl can dream!

Have a brilliant, super sparkly week guys! 

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