Monday, 6 August 2012

Purple Daze: Amethyst, Aubergine, Lavender, Mauve, Violet...

 images via Elle Uk edited by me

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Did you relax, get stuff done or do absolutely nada? Amazingly enough, I managed to clear out 3GB's of applications & files of my laptop, it's not as snappy, but it runs a little better now. If you own a mac like myself (and still running Tiger) check out this brilliant post via LifeHacker & Maclife that got me through a major clear-out on the weekend! Oh and please remember to back-up your stuff before deleting.

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Call it whatever shade you like, but purple is gonna be huge again for Fall 12/13... and I do love a good jewel tone for the colder months. It's one of my favourite winter colours to mix pops of other hues with, like lemon sorbet or even turquoise - as seen on "Amethyst & Turquoise Love"... hmmmm. 
Admittedly, I'm also reminded of a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate and quite possibly the hazelnut in caramel sweet wrapper from a box of Quality Streets but I love how deeply seductive and even sinister this shade can be when worn with black leather... 
Make your own style statement and play with different textures or hues in the home or in fashion, but if purple is a little too much, start with make up & experiment with a plum shade lippy or eye make up.

Love this vibrant concoction of purples, greens image with a hint of coral in the inner corners of the eye via
To see how this look is done click here.
Is this not the sexiest dress ever? via pinterest, is it Elie Saab?
Love me some matte sparkly nails via here Also going gaga over Deborah Lippmans new glittery polish in Let's Go Crazy
An apartment on the Upper East Side by Drake Design Associates via here

 This looks scrumptious, recipe via here & image via here
 via here
via here

It's a new week guys, make it your best week ever! 
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