Monday, 13 August 2012


Rachel Zoe Love me knot bracelet

Welcome to the new week lovelies, I trust you all had a blast watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony! I practically squealed with delight (cue jumping up and down like a teenager) when the Spice Girls came on! (I know a bit sad but it was a bit awesome!). Major respect for Gary Barlow of Take That who braved it and performed last night too... bless him, it must have been really difficult considering he was still mourning the loss of his baby girl. Anyhoos, there were so many brilliant parts to the ceremony, from the Mighty Supermodels in Gold, Emile Sandes beautiful performance of "Read all About it", plus it was so lovely seeing the flashback of images, families of athletes who had won... to Boris Johnson dancing... absolutely hilarious (still wish he'd arrived by jetpack to hand over the Olympics to Rio though)!!! Can't believe it's all over already, what next?

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I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with who Rachel Zoe is right? Stylist to the stars, Fashion Designer, Reality Star, er BFF's with Marc Jacobs & Co... Well we can add Jewellery Designer to the list of many talents this lady has and believe me, I was not disappointed with the new collection for Neiman Marcus. Check it out, there's enough bling and statement pieces to make any girl happy!

Having watched endless episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project, we know she has great taste, style, a penchant for anything uber glam/sparkly and a mah-jor love for Chanel and vintage jewellery, so it comes as no surprise that her collection embraces all of that and a little more.

Love the Art Deco inspired references, I feel a little 'Great Gatsby' vibe going on, don't you? (Why is the movie being moved to next Summer, infuriating much?) If there was one piece you'd indulge in, what would it be? I do love a little statement making costume jewellery, hmmm I think I quite fancy the wide crystal bracelet...

Well, that's all for now kids, still working on and playing around with the blog, thanks ever so much for your comments & being patient! Please ignore the fact that I have repetitive stuff on here - still playing around with the html. Ta ta loves!

Rock on this week! καλή εβδομάδα!

  • I can get over how many Tweeted WHY the Greek National Anthem was played, like seriously? History/Ancient Olympic Games
  • For full Olympics Closing Ceremony Playlist check it out here.
  • Mr. Perseus made me laugh, big time last week when we were watching  Ennis win Gold for GB... He pulled a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on me and asked if I knew that the word 'Heptathalon' was from the Greek Words hepta (meaning seven) and athalon (meaning contest). Me: of course I knew that!
  • images via Neiman Marcus, edited by me.
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